/ / Which dogs do you prefer? Large or small (in size) ?? And why?

Which dogs do you like best? Large or small (in size) ?? And why?

Answer # 1:

Different!!! Among them;
| Chinese Crested (already have)
| American Bullies
| Samoil
| Colly
| Alaska. Malamute
Caucasian Shepherd
South-Russian-Shepherd Dog
Welsh Corgi-Pembroke
| Austro. Sheepdog

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

The Gangals

Answer # 4:

Big, huge, giants!)

Answer # 5:

Small, medium and large. Small breeds do not like, the dog should be a dog, not a pocket cat. In general, in many respects the attitude is not to the breed, but to a particular dog, ill-bred animals, I do not like any, be it at least a dog, at least a shepherd, even a Chihuahua

Answer No. 6:

Anyone like. The main thing is that the educated were.

Answer No. 7:

I like dogs of medium size, they are not so whimsical as, for example, St. Bernards, but they can stand up for themselves. I love dogs of breed Akita Inu

Answer No. 8:

Very afraid and do not really like dogs, becauseThat as a child I was attacked by a dog, as a result of which I healed wounds from bites all summer long. Neutral attitude to small and medium dogs. But the witch-corgi is very nice, if you start a dog, it's just him)

Answer No. 9:

For a private house a large dog is suitable, but if you have an apartment, then I advise for full amenities to take a small dog

Answer No. 10:

Medium and giants

Answer No. 11:

Like large and massive)) ie Molossi)))
With the flattened pugs and wrinkles, but I do not like stretching out ...

Answer No. 12:

Big, and the favorite German shepherd,Sailor schnauzer, doberman. Because they can protect. With them it is more pleasant to embrace)))). They can ride a sled, they can carry a bag. Hardier and stronger than small dogs.

Answer # 13:

Average, like the Germans. because)))

Answer # 14:

Size does not matter! )
Like and dogs and shepherds and spitz.

Answer No. 15:

The Metis of the Pomeranian Spitz and Husky looks like a magical fox ...

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