/ Do the dog handlers help to train the dog?

Do the dog handlers help to train the dog?

Answer # 1:

This is their job, but here depending on the direction of activity.
Generally, training is their main activity.

Kinds of specialization of dog handlers
Expert cynologist (judge at the exhibition)

Specialist-cynologist, cynologist-instructor, trainer (specialist in training dogs);

Figurant (assistant trainer, depicting the "intruder");

Handler (preparation of dogs for exhibitions and demonstration at exhibitions);

Dietitian (development of nutrition programs for dogs);

Fitness instructor;

Leader of official dog breeding;

Cynologist-zoopsychologist (dog psychologist).

Answer # 2:

Ahahah, well, it's actually their job.

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Yes.. . Only not all take into account the pedigree psyche .. . T. To. Even dogs of large breeds not all can be trained as office .... By this they can break down the psyche ... (for example, Goldenen) Be careful, gather information from experienced "dog owners" in the cynologist and recommendations on it

Answer # 5:

Oh sure. This is their work.

Answer No. 6:

If a good cynologist then help. I have a familiar cynologist who drove his dog to the filmologists in another city)))))))))

Answer No. 7:

Cynologists train dogs.
Instructors help the owner, educate and train the dog.

Answer No. 8:

There is no dog dsiruyut masters ...

Answer No. 9:

Of course. INSTRUCTOR-the tutor teaches the owner to properly train the dog, and then the owner trains the dog under the guidance and supervision of the instructor-tutor.

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