/ / By what law does large dogs oblige to wear a muzzle? Where is it written at all? Can you give a link?

By what law does large dogs oblige to wear a muzzle? Where is it written at all? Can you give a link?

Answer # 1:

There is no national law,Regulating the rules of dog walking throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. But the owner of the dog is responsible for the illegal actions of his animal within the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. In fact, if your dog causes serious harm to another person, you will be punished for causing this harm through negligence, i.e., in the worst case, by arrest up to 6 months under art. 118 of the Criminal Code. In other respects, legal relations involving animals are regulated by regional acts. Responsibility for violation of the rules of dog walking, or improper keeping of domestic animals usually does not exceed 1000 rubles, until your animal has caused harm to someone.

Until your dog is bittenLegal relations with the participation of animals are regulated by regional acts. Therefore, considering this issue it is necessary to talk about a specific region. In Moscow, you can walk with a dog without a muzzle. Restrictions are imposed by clause 3 of Art. 5.1 Administrative Code of the City of Moscow only to visit shops, playgrounds, markets, the beach and transportation in transport. In all these cases, the dog should have a muzzle regardless of its size.

Answer # 2:

Yes, do not force the owners of dogs to dressMuzzles. It is necessary if his dog is accidentally bitten by someone not to run around the authorities, but first the ribs to break the master, and then the family so trehanut that it will bleed blood. Then the next time another thinks.

Answer # 3:

This law does not work. Nobody can oblige the owner to force to put a muzzle on a dog. In the worst case, the precinct will talk with the owner, or they will be landed from public transport.

Answer # 4:

There is no federal law. But there are general rules, for example, in public and railway transport, it clearly states that the dog should be muzzled or in a carrying cage. In the rules for the maintenance of animals in Moscow, there is a clause that in public places and places of large concentrations of people the dog should be on a short leash OR in a muzzle. The breed is not specified. Also, there is an item that in the city the dog should only be on a leash. The breed and size are also not specified. Which is perfectly reasonable.

Answer # 5:

According to the human law! Respect for other people and then often heard from fools: she is kind ... Although people do not know the good or the boss arrogant or mentally not healthy.

Answer No. 6:

The law does not work.
Even mastiffs without a leash release, and they run after small dogs (

Answer No. 7:

There is no law. There are rules of walking. In each region are different. Google for your region, study.

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