/ How to make a dog kind?

How to make a dog kind?

Answer # 1:

If from childhood accustomed to aggression or her psycheBroke (for example, beaten, not fed, incited), then at the age of fix her psyche is almost impossible. The dog becomes dangerous. You can try to behave with her like, caress, surround surrounded by love, but there is little guarantee.
Here is an example of the situation taken from the forum shepherd.
I have an 11 month old puppy, we took it for 5 months,Breeder podport. His psyche (the puppy lived with his mother in the valger, for two he is very small, and occasionally he left). He lived not a puppy life, he did not know how to play, he did not even know how and what it was, only recently he began to show interest in toys. The first time when we took it, he threw himself at all who at least closer than 5 meters approached, now a blogger for the training, well, our love, he slightly. But vseravno, it costs people at least slightly raise their voices, or somehow look at us, show excessive interest in him, or coma, he shows aggression. And we can not overcome him completely, not love for people of non-Russian nationality, they feel them for a mile and are ready to just break them. I understand that most likely this is my subconscious is not love for spells. Nation. Was transferred to him. In the rest our baby is just darling and sweetheart, he is very affectionate to us (like a cat), he obeys the dog's ideal, he listens at home, does not eat at home, likes to eat in his plate if he puts a piece next to the torrel. There will not be, pretends to be squeamish. With the guests very strict, if we allowed them to enter the apartment, he will follow them and follow their every move and step, any attempt to do something wrong, well, for example, take a thing without permission or open a small cabinet and quite if They try to enter the bedroom, he first growls, if the warning is ignored, throws, and we did not learn it. On the street, he does not eat with us, do not lie down, disdain. At the training we were tight, at first we had to simply learn to take food (encouragement) sruk. But vseravno, it is necessary to him to leave the site for training, as Tuja and stops to take food zanogo, turns his nose. We are also quickly bored with glimmering, if we do not want it, it depicts a corpse and lies like a dead one.

If the dog lives in an apartment - aggression is necessaryTo extinguish, otherwise later there will be problems with walks, 10 months. - the age is no longer tender, and it is hard to extinguish, while leaving him the opportunity to differentiate the situation. If you intend to exhibit - I recommend also on the street periodically (along the way) put the dog in the rack and give touch to strangers, fixing for the collar, the same - if asked to pat. And walk, walk, a lot and different routes. And, of course, do not give up visiting the site.

Still, if the dog is aggressive, then you need to watch for it, if you never know when and what will come to her mind.

Answer # 2:

Only caress!

Answer # 3:

Kiss her in the face and not beat.

Answer # 4:

Feed and walk with her ...

Answer # 5:

Kindness, love, caress, care

Answer No. 6:

Caress more ...)))
To love ... =)))
All that is with the letter "L")

Answer No. 7:

The question is not clear to me - is it already good to make an evil dog, or grow a good-natured animal from a puppy? These are different situations, often caressing here does not help, but rather vice versa, will encourage aggression.

Answer No. 8:

Education if only caressing her and not scolding her forThe manifestation of aggression and anger, she will dictate the terms as the family perceives as a flock and will try to dominate will become someone like a leader. Affection is needed, praise but also upbringing.

Answer No. 9:

Constant affection

Answer No. 10:

Come up with a game to encourage delicacy. Then she will get into the habit of doing what the owners want and at the same time getting a treat, which means that she will stop doing things that the owners do not like. We had anger at the dog for months at 10 and with the help of such a game-training she began to obey us for delicacy and aggression disappeared.

Answer No. 11:

Tan .. more specifically ... breed .. age .. contents ... photo, if it is ..)))

Answer No. 12:

Here you have a problem. . I've always had others - how to make a dog even a little bit evil. .
In general, if you want to get a normal response from many people - write the age of the dog, the conditions of her life and content and other factors.

Answer # 13:

A wicked dog is kind to everyone to do impossible, butWith the help of training it can be taught to be restrained and not to show aggression without a command. Dogs with a broken psyche are straightened for years and still there are relapses. My 5-year-old bitch is still hysterical when she sees a wheelchair - at her first owners the disabled child was amused by running into a 2-month-old puppy.

Answer # 14:

Guys, help .... We took a dog. Dachshund ... He's got a half of a bastard! With Mikakak with the landlady, kind, affectionate, he turned away my soul! With Dad, Mom is also good! But my sister and brother are bad! Evil is strong! It rushes, growls! HELP! How can I do it? HIS WE HAVE LOVED ALL OF THE FAMILY IN THE FAMILY, AND ALL EQUALLY EVIL !!

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