/ / I was allowed to buy a dog, but how should I take care of it?

I was allowed to buy a dog, but how to take care of it?

Answer # 1:

All is normal, it is desirable to feed naturally, but if there is no time for cooking, you can feed them with dry food ... and a lot of water is clean ...

And how to wash, looking what kind of dog, you can and in the basin ... there are a lot of shampoos, but it is better even for an adult dog to buy shampoo for shen.

Toys that you like, preferably not those that pischats and quickly torn / more dogs sometimes eat them, stay tuned :)

Answer # 2:

Much depends on the breed.
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Answer # 3:

There are a lot of books on feeding and education.Materials in the internet. You have time to study everything before that. How to buy a puppy. And a normal breeder will always tell and help with advice. How and what to do.

Answer # 4:

Do not worry, since my mother agreed to buy you a dog, she knows what to do ....

Answer # 5:

That's how children ask for dogs. For this month could read a lot of books. Now go to the library and read.

Answer No. 6:

Just do not feed: Pedegri, Chappi, Dingo (can poison the dog! (

Answer No. 7:

Small dogs are better not to take, shit is still

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