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A cat or a dog?

Answer # 1:

I think that both cats and dogs are good pets. But before you start a pet, you have to weigh everything FOR and AGAINST.

For any of these pets speaks first of all the joy that they deliver to the owners.

Serious argument against cats, in my opinion,Only one (of course, with the love of these animals): the presence of allergies to cat hair from someone from the household. Other arguments are connected with the love of cats to climb the tables (they will not crawl with you, they will necessarily be on the table in your absence), their desire to sleep where the owners sleep, the need to castrate cats and sterilize cats, if you do not want them to "walk by themselves By itself "in search of" partners ", caring for the offspring of a cat, the need to give every kitten in good hands, if the cat is not sterilized, a tolerant attitude to the fact that an unkastened cat will mark its territory, which leads to extraneous smells in your apartment.

AGAINST the dog is not only allergic to wool, but alsoThe need for its daily walking (for human health, of course, long walks with the pet are useful, but that's not the time for such walks.) The problems associated with knitting, the offspring (the cat, as a rule, handles the child, the dog often needs help During this process), again worries about where and to whom to attach the puppies (if the dog is thoroughbred, it's easier with it, but it's hard to attach the mongrels.) By the way, the smell of the dog in the apartment with the dog is always, just we do not feel it, and here Our guests, especially those who do not keep dogs, feel, and many are quite acute.

And more unpleasant: The life of a dog and a cat is much shorter than a person's life, it's painful to part with a pet when he dies. I also had dogs (infrequently), and cats / cats (almost always, and now there is a cat), therefore I'm saying that sooner or later they are passing away and it's not easy to survive.

I did not say about those diseases that you canPick up from cats and dogs, because if you follow the rules of hygiene, neither worms, lamblia, nor other troubles do not threaten you, but little children often pick up something similar.

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Answer # 4:

Cotops is better!

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Answer No. 8:

A dog is a devoted friend.
Cat-healer, casting out the negative in the house.
Every animal requires attention and love. If time and money allow, why not!

Answer No. 9:

In a sense, for you? How do you know. If you ask a cat. For me, a dog.

Answer No. 10:

Dog, and better dogs only 2 dogs!

Answer No. 11:

With gem cats less

Answer No. 12:

Of course CAT! They are so fluffy and cute !!

Answer # 13:

Both a cat and a dog. A dog in an enclosure, a cat (cat) in the house.

Answer # 14:

For me, definitely dogs.

Answer No. 15:

Dog. I just love dogs more.

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Answer # 17:

Sure DOG! :)))

Answer # 18:

And cats and dogs) I can not choose who is better for me)

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