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The dog behaves strangely

Answer # 1:

The dog hurts something. Anything can hurt: from the sick paws (something like attacks of arthritis), and ending with the diseased internal organs (the liver hurts, the stomach, the kidneys). Refusal of food can also be for various reasons: the temperature is high, sick, it hurts very much (not before eating), some problems in the gastrointestinal tract or oral cavity (there is pain). And the diseases of darkness are tantalizing: some mechanical injuries (the dog has failed to fall, it was pressed, it was struck), poisoning, infectious diseases, inflammatory processes, neoplasms.
What is it - it's for you only a veterinarian to saycan. And without a veterinarian, it only remains to sit and wait for what will happen next with the dog: will it pass or not. Self-medication and worsen the situation can be: for example, a sick liver to hit some anthelminthic drug or antibiotic (and will not solve the problem, and will do much harm).

Answer # 2:

Give it to me, I'll calm him down!

Answer # 3:

The dog is a drug addict

Answer # 4:

There are veterinarians! If a person becomes ill - go to the doctors?

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

It hurts her something

Answer No. 7:

This means that the dog has severe pain andShe does not want to be disturbed. I'll tell you so, do not need to listen to what my friends advised or write on the Internet, just lead to a specialist: http://www.belanta.vet/, since if you do everything yourself, then nothing good will happen.

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