/ Which dog to get?

What kind of dog do you have?

Answer # 1:

With any dog ​​you have to do more than in a child. NO dog is born a nanny. Any dog ​​will "build" a child, if artificially do not raise the status of a child in the eyes of a dog

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

Boxer-girl and not petty and wool short and intellect high

Answer # 4:

Take me.

Answer # 5:


Answer No. 6:

Smooth-haired black. Cane corso, for example, or rizen, they also need to be trimmed, so that the wool will not lie in shreds.

Answer No. 7:

Choose http://www.pitomec.ru/kinds/main/dogs/sluzhebnye

New Zealand, Belgian, Shepherd are interesting there, Bernese Mountain Dog

Answer No. 8:

Buy a mittel - and not so small, and not as large as rizen ..

Answer No. 9:

You will not please :) Go better to the exhibitions, talk to the breeders ...

Answer No. 10:

I like the beagle, and, in my opinion, a good solution if you live in an apartment: a small, short-haired and quite smart. Reminiscent of a puppy and much better than all the pincers and the terriers.

Answer No. 11:

Until the child is knocked about 10-12 years of age and do not think.

Answer No. 12:

We then how we know what your husband likes, and that a child should be safely trained to raise a dog.
If possible, pass OKD, and then ZKS. And not only the child should be thought of, but also about the dog itself (the child does not understand that this is a living being, not a toy).
And there is no moulting at all because moulting is
A natural process.
You can start any medium
Dog breed with any type of wool
And buy instead of the usual combs-
Fuminator. Then the wool will be MUCH less.
Good luck with your choice!

Answer # 13:

Mittelschnauzer, Risenschnauzer, Airedale terrier. Do not shed, subject to trimming. Kind, playful. Collie. And everything is normal with molting. From smooth-haired wool sticks, and remains tight, not to remove. A long hair collie is easy to clean. And how old is the child? If small, better not wind. With a dog as with a child. It's not just walking and feeding. She needs to clean her teeth, ears, eyes daily. To comb out. In the case of wireworms, they also trimming. Claws to cut. Hygienic haircut to conduct. You also need to walk very much. If the child is still young, you are likely to walk slowly with him. A dog needs physical activity. Oh, yes, there are also OKD courses, which also need time.

Answer # 14:

I advise in my experience the staff. Shorthair, special care is not needed. For the child is perfect. The child can do with him whatever he wants, he will NEVER attack him (unless he feels a deliberate infliction of pain, but the child will not). All the myths about this breed are thrown out of your head. Staffs are very smart, loyal, obedient. For you, the ideal option.

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