/ How to put a dog to sleep. In connection with the move, there is nowhere to put a big yard dog. It did not work

How to put the dog to sleep. In connection with the move, there is nowhere to put a big yard dog. It did not work

Answer # 1:

Pipet !!!! contact the dog and the cat - it's a site like this http://pesikot.org/forum/ there will help, do not euthanize, sorry for the same

Answer # 2:

I would hit you for it!

Answer # 3:

Go to a veterinary clinic), they will make an injection and that's it! It's a pity the current will be ((

Answer # 4:

Apply to the wind. Station. BUT the right to kill you NOBODY will not.

Answer # 5:

And you can kill your friend, family member, your pet, your child ??

Answer No. 6:

Do not sleep, please ... poor pesik ..

Answer No. 7:

You can put a dog to sleep, but you will not be able to conscience! How will you live with this ?!

Answer No. 8:

Probably not "attach it did not work .." but just too lazy to fiddle, right? So what do you want from "us"? ? Can we send you NACH from here for "SUCH" questions? ? A?

Answer No. 9:

An idiotic reason for killing an animal! ((
There is no way that there is nowhere to attach - there are a lot of sites through which you can find a host,
There are people who live outside the city in private homes - there can always be an animal attached to the "guard", and indeed .... there would be a desire ...

Answer No. 10:

For each act you will remember THERE! Do not make such mistakes, the dog is a living being! Give at least to the nursery, or attach to the watchman some. All that's right - and sleep is the last thing. You can not be so soulless about this, but it's so close to reasoning: there is no person - there are no problems.

Answer No. 11:

Ask "zhivodyora" -on he hangs, will giveBashka shovel, etc., etc., etc., but then you will suffer, conscience, that is, I think. Or in a drum? We are responsible for those who tamed! Think, in any way there is a way out, but do not kill!

Answer No. 12:

Fool! Try at least to attach, so that your conscience would torment your whole life! Really, it would cut!

Answer # 13:

Refer to the websites "Cat and Dog" "Tails" "Loss (they also help in these cases"
Why is the simplest way for you, is it KILLING? How will you live then with this awake?

Answer # 14:

If you want to take sin on your head, take it. !!
Only your sins are not known in what form they will marry death.
You will suffer.
Lull the dog and not you. You think about what you think about your head! ?? ?
The dog is a living being and wants to live, too ... You put yourself in his place, that someone else thinks of you as the one to put you to sleep.
I played enough !! !! Take your baggage with you and go ahead as others drive.

Answer No. 15:

God will punish, take with you, and again and again look for new owners.

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