/ / Poll: Who is better than a cat or a dog? And why?

Poll: Who is better than a cat or a dog? And why?

Answer # 1:

For whom, for me - dogs)) are more active and cheerful) they need movement) and they are able to cheer in a difficult period of life)

Answer # 2:

Cats, they do not have to walk.

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Dogs. Cats because slybovye bannye

Answer # 5:

Dogs are better-they are faithful!

Answer No. 6:

When I took the cat, torn apart by the dogs, into the vet clinic for sleep, I realized that the dogs were worse.

Answer No. 7:

And I like one and the other)

Answer No. 8:

Dogs. A dog is a man's friend.

Answer No. 9:

Who is better, a nigger or a plant?

Answer No. 10:

I like cats. They are soft, clean, relatively calm and bite less so. And that their morals are independent, so I myself am by nature a loner.

Answer No. 11:

Cats are the best! A dog is more dangerous than a cat!

Answer No. 12:


Answer # 13:

Looking which cats and which dogs

Answer # 14:

What is better?

Answer No. 15:

I have more dogs !!!
They do not shit at home like cats ...

Answer # 16:

Cat. they are kind

Answer # 17:

Cats and dogs can not be the best in allDifferent opinions someone likes dogs and to whom cat cats for example do not bark and their eyes shine and dogs can guard the house and bark in person I think all cats and dogs have their pros and cons.

Answer # 18:

And the one and the other:) Do not say that someone has more pluses. It all depends on the nature, every animal has it's own. Igrivy and those, and others. Just like lazy dogs and cats can be. At the expense of the toilet - this is how you learn, depends only on you) Both require attention, but the dog usually still needs to walk, and the cat walks by itself. For me, cats are the perfect option :) There are also different breeds ...

Answer No. 19:

Cats. They are independent.

Answer # 20:

Both are good

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