/ / Why dogs like to sleep at the feet of the owner, and cats at the head.

Why dogs like to sleep at the feet of the owner, and cats at the head.

Answer # 1:

Because when dogs sleep at their feet show their devotion, and seals when they sleep at the head show that they are masters and have the right to sleep next to him.

Answer # 2:

Cats do not care for us

Answer # 3:

I do not know...

Answer # 4:

My dog ​​sleeps with me on the pillow.

Answer # 5:

The cat is sleeping at the feet, too ... well, like the dog at the head ... who will how to teach

Answer No. 6:

My cat likes to sleep on the chest and at the feet

Answer No. 7:

Small dogs generally sleep in the same bed with the owner. And my Asian woman is sleeping or at the door (guarding the house) or in her place !!

Answer No. 8:

On the rug must sleep.

Answer No. 9:

I do not even want a dog to sleep on my head

Answer No. 10:

My dog ​​does not let me go to bed, but when I sit, it always comes and goes to my feet ....

Answer No. 11:

I never have a head on my head. If it is put closer to the head, it will still rise and pile at the feet. And what is there in her head? Afraid to eat?)))

Answer No. 12:

My cat likes to sleep where it's warm and cozy - and on the legs, and on the ass, and on the stomach, and not the shoulders.
And I do not sleep with dogs =)
Perhaps your dog is just accustomed to not sleeping near the head, and maybe the dogs are not as fastidious as cats.
Of course, you can catch some mystical meaning in your question, but I think it's subjective.

Answer # 13:

Probably, nevertheless, everything depends on how the owner allows. Although there is an opinion that cats prefer negative energy, and dogs - positive.

Answer # 14:

The dog sleeps only in the corridor ... it's hot with us in the room even ... but the cat is sleeping either at the feet or next to the bed on the rug ... so sorry sometimes, like a poor relative ...

Answer No. 15:

Answer # 16:

You puzzled me, I was most interested in it, because in most cases it's true

Answer # 17:

Where they are comfortable, there and sleep

Answer # 18:

Probably the dog is a friend of a man, betrayed and at the feet because he respects the master, guards, my sleeps on the rug and in the legs in all other cases

Answer No. 19:

Everything is very simple. There are more places in the legs. If he lies with you on the pillow - expel, if between - also expel, and in the legs and places more, and do not expel. . The most impudent then slowly make their way to the pillows .... Do not drive - then you can, cheers! A domestic dog, however, imitates people (its flock). . The human community (family) is a flock for her. And in a pack all sleep together, especially when it's cold (watch the stray dogs).

Answer # 20:

I would not say that. At me all on the contrary. The cat always slept either in the legs or on the back. But the dog is sleeping between parents, on a pillow

Answer # 21:

Mdaaaaa .... My dogs were not allowed to sleep on the bed. What was possible so to sleep near the bed. Cats and spas both at the head and at the feet .. but mostly leave. And in the morning begins running around ... like -Thy-smoke, Tyk -dym, Tyk-smoke !!! The owner, to sleep, we want to eat! And by the way, they can slap each other in the face))) and so you look, the very kindness and beauty

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