/ / The dog has bleeding and a swelling in the genital area of ​​the bitch ... there is not enough money for a veterinarian to do ...

The dog has bleeding and a swelling in the region of the genitalia of the bough ... there is not enough money for the veterinarian to do ...

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The cartridge costs half a dollar ... bah-bah and all ...

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Can it be .. introduced into adult dog life?

Answer # 3:

In large cities such as St. Petersburg or Moscow there are charitable free hospitals, look in your city (google), it is quite possible there will help.

Answer # 4:

You just want to make fun of it !!!

Answer # 5:

Tumors can occur on different parts of the body andInternal organs. Almost all malignant tumors are accompanied by weight loss and other symptoms. To date, chemotherapy is the most effective method of treating cancer. However, chemotherapy does not always help to achieve success. Thus, early detection of cancer in a dog is often a vital factor in helping to save an animal.

Types of tumors in dogs.

Mastocellular tumor (mastocytoma).

Mast cells or labrocytes (mast cells) are importantPart of the body's immune system. Mastocyte accounts for approximately 25% of skin cancers in dogs. With this type of tumor, an excessive amount of a substance called histamine is released, which causes allergic reactions and other health problems, such as a stomach ulcer and bleeding.

Symptoms of mastocytoma

Symptoms of this disease can be varied. The skin around the tumor is often swollen or itchy. The final diagnosis can be made after a biopsy.


Treatment of mastocytoma includes surgical removal of the tumor and surrounding healthy tissue tumor. In the case of incomplete surgical removal of the tumor, medicamentous therapy can be used.

Tumors of the oral cavity.

Tumors in the oral cavity are usually located near the upper teeth and tend to quickly give metostases.


Oral cancer is usually accompanied byAn unpleasant odor and a bleeding from the mouth, as well as difficulties in chewing. Excessive drooling and loosening of the teeth are also observed in many cases of tumors of the oral cavity.


Tumors of the oral cavity should be removed surgically. If the disease has spread to the jaw of the dog, at least part of the jaw must be removed.

Tumors of the nasal cavity in dogs.

Tumors of the nasal cavity are found in dogs notOften, they constitute about 1% of all tumors. However, most often such tumors are malignant with metastases to the lymph nodes, lungs, kidneys and brain.


Symptoms of nasal tumors includeNasal bleeding, shortness of breath, sneezing, deformation of the bones of the muzzle, protrusion of the eyes, etc. Biopsy, cytology and computed tomography of the nasal cavity can be performed for the diagnosis.


To treat tumors of the nose resort to surgical methods, radiation therapy, chemotherapy or a combination thereof.

Answer No. 6:

She has a pyometra. Sterilize or shoot. Themselves do not do anything at home.

Answer No. 7:

And maybe it's a heat away from her? What is the age and how long have you had a dog?

Answer No. 8:

Sterilize a dog, since it's feminine!
This is not a mockery, it is so, if the dog is not an extremely rare breed carrier with a bunch of documents and a pedigree.
Mockery, when the dog is given a start, then the puppies are drowned and there is no money for food ...

Answer No. 9:

Age of what? Heat, maybe?
In general, why the dog was brought, if you can not apply to the doctor?

Answer No. 10:

Is the swelling or loop swollen? Photo skinte?

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