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Tell me) Which breed is the most similar to a wolf?

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Czech wolf is a mixture of a dog and a noble wolf, which Czech scientists derived back in 1955 during experiments on crossing the German shepherd and the Carpathian wolf.

This breed has absorbed the faithfulness of the dog andInstincts of the wolf. Originally owned by Czech wolf dogs only special services, in fact, for them they were created. But in our time to take a hand-held wolf is not at all difficult.

A bit of history

Work on the crossing of wolves and dogs beganEngineer Karel Hartle, conducted experiments in the nursery of the border regiment in Liebejovice, where they kept dogs for military personnel. The first attempts were unsuccessful, she-wolf Brit could not give full-fledged offspring. Scientists decided to replace the German shepherd's cable, and this gave results. The first offspring were used by border guards for patrolling. Dogs are well suited for training and quite suitable for work at the border.

Only in the 70's the Czechoslovakian wolfs becameKnown to the rest of the world: several strongholds were sent to the UK for patrolling and protecting various factories and enterprises. Undoubtedly, the main contribution to the development of this breed was made by the Czech engineer Hartl, because it was with his help that the permission was received for the export of the wolf.


Initially, the purpose of the experiments was to measureOffspring, the level of adaptation and indicators of canine and wolf signs. But already the second offspring showed themselves well. Volchaks demonstrated excellent immunity in the most difficult climatic conditions. It is worth noting that they tolerated illness and temperature both at an early age and in an adult form. Similarity with the wolf only made itself felt in the third generation. However, the wolfs differed from the wolf and from the sheepdog. Tests of zoologists showed a high predisposition to training and training. These indicators spoke about their suitability to people. When scientists realized that most dogs are not inferior to new hybrids, they immediately decided that the issue of breeding a new breed should be taken much more seriously.

Progeny, derived back in the 70's and 80's,Is considered the standard and to this day. The dog is a strong, sinewy body, the trunk has a rectangular regular shape. It looks like a wolf: the color of the mask and the texture of the wool are almost identical. Since the birth of the puppies had strong muscles and well-developed teeth. Instincts are developed at the level of the wolf, therefore the breed is universal.

If you decide to purchase puppies, you shouldUnderstand that a Czech wolf dog requires increased attention and training, because it was taken out for work and service, and not for playing a plate. Of course, this does not mean that you will not be able to spend time with her.

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Answer # 3:

Sarlos Wolverine Dog

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A hybrid of a German shepherd and a Canadian wolf - Lendert Saarlos
Czech Wolves
Italian Lupo
Everything, I do not know anymore, they are all hybrids

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Husky or malacute husk

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Czechoslovak Whip

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The name "husky" is not inclined! One husky, a lot of husky.
I think that the Czechoslovak wolf or wolf dog of Saarlos.

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The rocks are most similar to wolves: Saarlos Wolf Dog, Kunming Wolf, Czech Wolf, Italian Loopy, Volamut, Tamaska ​​Dog, Northern Inuit, Utonagan, Shikoku.

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