/ Why dogs eat their puppies.

Why dogs eat their puppies.

Answer # 1:

The litter was not viable, it was possiblePathology in puppies, etc. Still, but extremely rarely, an inexperienced bitch eats a puppy along with a trail ... but one or two, not all litter. Often the first-born bitches, eat puppies, crush, maim, leave lying around with the afterbirth and the puppies die, but not with malice.

Answer # 2:

Answer # 3:

Because they like shawarma

Answer # 4:

This happens in very rare cases.
For example, when puppies are very, very weak. Or the bitch is very weak and understands this.
Or, for example, when the bitch understands that the milk is not enough for all puppies.
Also this can serve as a disorder of the dog's psyche, such a canine postpartum syndrome.

Answer # 5:

To feed the bitch it was necessary this first, in the second rather did not eat and trying to move by inexperience damaged them. It can not be that she ate right away

Answer No. 6:

Dogs do not eat their puppies, they can bite. And this is many reasons: because of the inexperience of the bitch (early became a mother), puppies are sick, lack of milk. In general, it happens in rare cases.

Answer No. 7:

For the first time I see such a Vor. Rodents eat cubs. And dogs, as I knew, have not done this before. Or that dog has gone mad, either hungry or aggressive to impossible.

Answer No. 8:

Or pathology of the psyche

Or disgusting feeding, unbalanced by protein

Answer No. 9:

If the puppy is born dead or dies in the first days after the birth, the bitches eat them, this is an instinctive behavior associated with keeping the nest clean, as well as eating the afterburn.
Everything else is pathology.
If the bitch is exhausted, she will just drop the puppies, will not feed them, this is also normal instinctive behavior.

Answer No. 10:

The dog after the birth eats the placenta and umbilical cord,But "gets carried away" and starts eating a puppy. Also, this behavior is most often seen in breeds derived specifically for dog fights. The greatest possibility of manifestation of cannibalism in a dog during childbirth with the help of caesarean section. Such a woman in childbirth, waking up from anesthesia and finding out where the puppies come from, can behave quite unexpectedly.

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