/ / Which of the pets is better: a dog or a cat's cat? I have a parrot at home !!!

Which of the pets is better: a dog or a cat's cat? I have a parrot at home !!!

Answer # 1:

And dogs and cats, it all depends on which animal is right for you.

Answer # 2:

As for me, so it's a dog)
Always meet, crocheted, cheerful) Yes, and positive characteristics can be listed for a long time)
I do not like cats at all, they are too passive for me)

Answer # 3:

A dog is a friend, and a cat is a concrete consumer.

Answer # 4:

The dog, but not hunting, from acquaintances yagd-terrier parrots devoured), and the cat just parrots interested)

Answer # 5:

Answer No. 6:

What is better?

Answer No. 7:

To each his own. Someone pussy, someone dogs. And someone and fish.

Answer No. 8:

I and parrots and dogs and cats and hamsters were, I like dogs))) on their own chooses. It's like a family member))

Answer No. 9:

Yes, all are good. Both dogs and cats. Depends on the particular animal, on its nature.
Here we have in the village ssobaken - a hugeSize, but affectionate and kind to his, and to all people. He sleeps next to his grandmother's bed. And recently zagryz two German sentinel sheepdogs, which they tried to set on him, when he was running after a twig, blowing up the fence and fucking off the site. Also what now with this big child to do or make? They gave him stars, that already screeched and hid behind the booth, so after all the instinct to fight other dogs will outstrip.
A cat ... There are so many cats. Some are afraid and run away, and some climb into their own hands and rub their faces against their cheeks. And plaintively miaow until you take it on your hands.
And about the parrots and say nothing. Someone becomes tame, but someone bites like an asshole.
So I say that everything is different, individual.
In general, dial in Youtube: The mill is a white cat.

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Answer No. 11:

A dog is a friend of a person, and a cat is a friend of the soul ... I have a dog and a cat, I need to deserve the love of a cat, they choose their host, so I like them more)

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