/ How to teach a dog to bark? (The dog is 2 years old)

How to teach a dog to bark? (The dog is 2 years old)

Answer # 1:

Find something for what it barks - for example,On a cat, on a neighbor, etc. And say: "Voice, Good, Voice!", Etc., and give a treat. "Voice" is a command, after which the dog must bark, so this command for memorization should be repeated several times in a row. In parallel, you need to learn the command "Silence", that is, the dog barks, and then you "Silence!" And hands squeeze her jaws together, praise, again, with repeated repetition of the word "silent" and delicacy.
In general, it is not without reason that there is such a phrase: "It is not the dog that barks that is dangerous, but the one who is silent"

Answer # 2:

Personal example

Answer # 3:

She knows how

Answer # 4:

I agree with Oksana
My daughter ran after the dachshund on all fours and barked ...
Takese was already 3 years old and did not bark ...

Answer # 5:

What for? Do you need a blank? Normal people can not wean, but you can teach.

Answer No. 6:

Tease with a toy or a delicacy, sooner or later the dog will not stand and bark, tell the fellow and give a delicious. Usually barking teach them is not a problem. Here's to teach to be silent, problematic

Answer No. 7:

What for? Simply or on business? On whom or what?

Answer No. 8:

Maybe she's a lycoid ...? They like to howl more .... bark is not really .... what kind of dog do you have?

Answer No. 9:

Sam try it and understand why it does not bark!

Answer No. 10:

Look for the command "voice" on the Internet

Answer No. 11:

And on which. There's no bell on the door?

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