/ / What is better to give pedigree dogs a stern or food cooked by yourself? Porridge porridge with meat, soups, etc.

What is better to give thoroughbred dogs a stern or food cooked by yourself? Porridge porridge with meat, soups, etc.

Answer # 1:

Finished feed I do not advise. First, addictive, nothing but food, there will not be, secondly, I had such a case: took a puppy, fed a super class food, then noticed that the dog even stopped eating. She led me to the vet, the veterinarian said, if she does not start eating next week, she will operate. I any more do not remember, that for the diagnosis put, but I know what is it any bjaka. They were advised gradually to translate from the poop to the usual food. With difficulty, but translated. Until now, sand lives and plays. Since then, forage, no matter dog or feline for me taboo

Answer # 2:

Better good food super premium class, because correctly balance the food itself Pts hard

Answer # 3:

If this is your first dog - better feed, while you learn to balance the naturalka, kill the dog digestion.

Answer # 4:

Here a little differently)
Not porridge with meat, but meat with porridge. 60-80% of meat, and then cereals with vegetables equally.
Plus, with a diet you need to give vitamins ...

A poem is all balanced, only not in such as chappi and pedigree, which only kill the animal's body, and the super premium food - my Akana "sit."

Plus to cook daily - very tiring, especially when the busy schedule of life ....

Answer # 5:

There are two types of proper feeding: good ready fodders or properly prepared food: porridge with meat (meat 50-60%) and vegetables, sometimes you can curd or instead of meat sea fish fillets.

Answer No. 6:

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Your dog will be happy!

Answer No. 7:

You write to "dogs." If you have several, then estimate how much labor-consuming for you to cook - cook porridge / soup, grate / cut vegetables there, cut off by-products into portions, etc. I am cooking (hours 10 digest bones, meat is added, then meat is removed With bones and with the rest finely chopped) - I have 2 buckets of 10 liters and a pan of 20 liters - this food for 3 days is purely for breakfast. During the day, raw vegetables are finely chopped (these are the dekarahs I like - love a pumpkin / carrot). In the evening, the scar, raw byproducts (taken in bulk, and the husband long and tiresomely chops frozen and finely cut for decors and large pieces for large), I pack by packages, preliminary weighing portions. Also the daily distribution of vitamins. Sometimes ohrrenevayu from this natural food, but it's our choice - we like the condition and the look of our dogs on the straight - so I breathe out and go!

Answer No. 8:

It is better "naturalka". But only if it is prepared correctly, balanced and takes into account the characteristics of the breed and the particular dog. And the ability to cook such food can boast of a few.
The minimum that you need to know is the proportions: 70% meat + 15% cereals + 15% vegetables and dairy products. But here everything depends on the activity of the dog, its age, the presence of allergies or the propensity to fullness.

If the concept of "naturalka" becomesIs identical to the concept of "dog bowl - this is garbage", it is better to feed the feed. Do not throw everything into the bowl in the bowl, which is left in the refrigerator or on the table. Man and dog are different species with different needs. Yes, and a man can not, in principle, boast of a healthy diet. Dogs can not salt, pepper, sweet, fried, smoked, pasta, dough - and a man almost always eats. Even broths from soups for dogs are too heavy (caloric) and salty. Also dogs should not have bones (shrapnel injures the stomach, can get stuck in the throat) and spoiled foods.

Therefore, if there is no opportunity to cook for the dog separately (time is not enough, knowledge, money, desire), it is better to buy premium or super premium food and live peacefully.

Answer No. 9:

Either high-quality drying, or a balanced natural (and this is not porridge and soups). If you can not provide a full natural, then it's better to dry.

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