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The question is to those who do not perceive small dogs:

Answer # 1:

The taste and color of the sample is not. Someone does not like it, but I like all the breeds of dogs. They are like the children are naive, faithful, sincere. And they love us equally. It's only people who are capable of not loving one's wretchedness of the soul, despise simply in appearance. And animals do not give a damn what we are - slanting, crooked, angry .. They still love us for nothing, but simply because we are their masters.

Answer # 2:

It is those who constantly yapping incessantly and even throwing themselves

Answer # 3:

I love small ones. I despise little breeders of trifles. Not all, 90 percent of them. Those who say that pissing on a diaper is normal, who says that the sedka under the couch is living - you have poorly socialized it, who says that small dogs are not fit to eat meat, who consider hypoglycemia to be the norm. And then he breeds and sells under the guise of normal this disgrace of the kind of dog and in all mortal sins blames Ip not for the radish owners.

Answer # 4:

On the street I saw many dogs, but it was the Chihuahua andThey are almost always nerve-wracking and crashing chubby. I understand that it depends on education, but how much I've seen them ... only one single one was brought up and trained. In general, very small breeds I do not like, well, I do not perceive them as dogs, I have a cat more such a "dog" =

Answer # 5:

Do not be ridiculous with the notation "not accepted", where are youYou'll get it. Well, I will answer in detail, because small doggations have got. They, of course, are not to blame, that they have an absurd character, the human being has worked hard, bringing out this strange breed. They bark always, everywhere, and what's particularly distressing is the night at the neighbors right above my head. I talked with them, but the cart is still there.

Answer No. 6:

Chihua, toy terriers for me are not dogs ... what they are stupid, nervous, painful and generally one noise from them ... like large breeds, but because of the children I do not get

Answer No. 7:

Of the small I like only poodles, likeHow they look at exhibitions, and the fact that they are one of the most stable breeds of nerve-wracking, poodles of hysterics have seen either in breeders or in people's breeding.
All the other small ones ... I do not belong to them at all, to say that I'm being pounded by some sort of rocks - no, I do not beat anyone.
Annoyed groomed, shabby, shaking and squealing dogs, annoying their mistresses obtuse.
Still, it's frustrating that some superficial creatures are credited with some sort of "good guard" or "rabbit dachshund - a good hunter."

Answer No. 8:

A trifle cool! Classroom so that it's really real for any requests. And gladki, and lohmatushki, and gestures. And "chanterelles", and kruglomordiki, and calm, and stiletopod. Choose any.
At me now tsvezhik. Really like papillonchiki and minibules

Answer No. 9:

I love all animals and not selectively. Each is good in its own way. Disassembly disgusting here.

Answer No. 10:

There are no such breeds. Who likes it more, who is less, but absolutely disgusting did not meet. KSK outwardly not my ideal, but touched their attitude to the owners. All three, which I saw very focused on the owners, do not go far, constantly kept in sight. I know the male dog of the Russian toia weighs 1.7 kilograms, which he sneaks under his feet or between the golden retriever, kurtzhaar and sharpei =) Very touchingly put his forelegs on my knee begging for cheese and driving my dog ​​away =) And how to hate such, despise? There is certainly a great merit of the mistress in socialization - never and from whom he did not hide, but nevertheless =)

Answer No. 11:

When I did not take the small seriously.
And when I, to the two sheep-dogs, took myself the first spitz, I did not cease to be surprised at how much she was a Dog !!!
So many, just do not know about it!

Answer No. 12:

I love small breeds. Do not like minics and micro. Dwarfism and degeneracy are called beautifully. Although these dogs are sick and do not live long. But it's people who worked hard (.

Answer # 13:

Chihuahua is not a dog at all, and some are empty

Answer # 14:

I think I understand what you mean ...
I always liked big dogs. Strangers - his was not. In childhood, there were dog friends (usually the dogs of my friends-buddies).
And then I was fascinated by dwarf poodles! I met them on the street, in the metro on someone else's hands ...
And we went to the Birdy to buy us this. And on the Bird at the sellers a habit - they put the puppy in their hands. Type, the person will support and already can not not buy. I held it and realized that I could bear this "charm". Small dogs have a different rhythm of life. Completely intolerable for me.

Answer No. 15:

Heh, specially waited until he answered a little morePeople and noticed that those who speak out sharply negatively about small dogs - how stupid and aggressive they just see in their dogs their reflection =) Adequate people and perceive reality adequately =)

Answer # 16:

All dogs are good and even all animals are good. (Except for pathogenic bacteria, etc.)
Annoying is the nature and upbringing, which is 70% dependent on the owner. (Or rather absence)
Annoying stupid and brazen bitches and vile creatures. (Including among dogs)

And more: dogs are divided into sports, service and decorative.
So, the decorative is taken only for the sake of decor. Accordingly, the marriage of mind and character is not eliminated, but goes to reproduction. And therefore they do not like. They admire, brag, gag.
Often on such dogs they take out their sick psyche.

Answer # 17:

I do not like chihuahua and york. Because they bark for ever, what are some small shakes. Painful.
I give preference to dogs heavier than 5 kg. Typically, shi tu. And of course large

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