/ / Why does everyone say that dogs can not be accustomed to the tray? Dogs are smarter than cats, cats like that are taught

Why does everyone say that dogs can not be accustomed to a tray? Dogs are smarter than cats, cats like that are taught

Answer # 1:

The physiology is different, the dog needs to walk on freshAir and mark the territory, so sooner or later, with the onset of puberty, the dog suddenly stops and already perversely piss in the tray, but will piss and shit on your things, bed, corners ....

Answer # 2:

Little dogs are taught.

Answer # 3:

My walks on a diaper and does not hum.

Answer # 4:

I represent, for example alabai will walk into the tray

Answer # 5:

Can not provide the dog with a paddock, buy a cat.

Answer No. 6:

Just dogs are more comfortable on the diaper all theirDog things to do and not to hard uncomfortable tray. Although some dogs and to a diaper can be difficult to teach. My dog, for example, the Yorkshire Terrier breed behaves very oddly when he wants to go to the toilet, goes to the diaper and sits on the edge. Although there are plenty of places on the diaper, and for some reason she tries to sit on the edge of the diaper and as a result, half of her dog cases on the floor turn out to be. It all depends on the dog itself. If it is convenient for her to go to the toilet on the diaper, she will not go to the tray for anything.

Answer No. 7:

Because the dog has a completely different physiology,She needs not to piss in one place, but to mark the boundaries of her territory, sooner or later all hawkers and diapers begin to piss unutterably and shit throughout the apartment, because they mark the boundaries of their territory, and at the same time do not see the difference between the diaper and your blanket or carpet , for example.

Answer No. 8:

Accustom any dogs, you just can not treatThis as a substitute for walks. Any dog ​​should walk, this is a necessary condition for her mental and physical health. The diaper or the tray is very convenient, so that the dog does not have to endure, and even the owner can sleep longer at the weekend, there is no need to run to doggy piss in the morning. It is important only in the teaching to achieve a full consolidation of the reflex, so that the dog nowhere, except for the diaper, did nothing. With insufficient fixation, the dog may decide that she is allowed to write on any fabric in the apartment, and start doing this on sofas or carpets. Therefore, carefully fix the reflex piss on the diaper.

Answer No. 9:

Why not? When I was holding a poodle in the apartment, he wrote on the diaper in the morning - well, I do not like to get up early, I do not like it, but then we went for a walk with him for three hours and walked around eight in the evening of blocks.

Answer No. 10:

For cats are smarter

Answer No. 11:

Why it is impossible? I somehow rode on the train, just behind my puppy, and saw how the staff went to the little one in the kindergarten. And my dog ​​very accurately "poured" a box at the entrance with cat food, so here it was his revenge, I think if there was a need, he would have learned.

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