/ / Why do dogs of the Moscow watchdog breed suck so much, huge puddles do? Is it a feature of the breed?

Why do dogs of the Moscow watchdog breed squeeze so much, huge puddles do? Is it a feature of the breed?

Answer # 1:

The question is really funny)) Well, apparently like you andYou think, the dog endured for a long time. This is not a small dog, I think that he has a bubble no less than a human) And how can you imagine how much you can pee for a long time? Apparently, too, not a drop)))
PS A funny question is the monster of that dog's owner

Answer # 2:

No, this is not a feature of the breed.

Answer # 3:

In the apartment, until the dog starts to walk on the ceiling, the ash tree is poured on the ceiling and you grumble at the plaintive mug.

Answer # 4:

No, this is not a feature of this breed, I had a Moscow watchdog, awesome dogs in the army, and all the big dogs are sucking.

Answer # 5:

Long tolerated dogs. But, master, that laughed, idiot. I do not see anything funny.
And other breeds also suffer, then like this.
And the paw is not all raised by males, even adults

Answer No. 6:

And you took into account the size of the dog? Kotik how many times goes to the tray for a day? And these poor things only a couple of times.

Answer No. 7:

Well they are healthy dogs, that's why they squeeze a lot.

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

The bladder is just big

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

Prikolites .. I do not understand))

Answer No. 12:

Either the dog is such a breed ..

Answer # 13:

Lord, well, you ask nonsense. A giant dog has a giant bladder. She could endure for a long time in a particular case. Maybe she was not being taken for a day. Or they feed so much that they drink. Or an old animal, or, conversely, young at all. The bladder is full. With people, too, this happens very often. Did not notice? Try to not let your cat write for a long time - and see what a huge puddle it will do.

Answer # 14:

Physiology in all breeds is the same .. growth is different and the hosts are different ..

Answer No. 15:

You have not yet seen how piss my German dog is 86 kg. Weight, 92 cm at the withers.

Answer # 16:

Drunk and be healthy. That's all. Anyway.

Answer # 17:

Yes, the bladder is not small!

Answer # 18:

With the bladder, they are all normal, inAccording to breed standards .: -) The problem is usually that dogs walk at very long intervals. That is, the human factor is above all, and not a large bladder in an "ill-bred" dog. (She had something to do with where she was seated to urinate, this is solely the cultural choice and responsibility of the host) ... The bladder is stretched excessively, the dogs tolerate, but the muscles are tired for hours to hold urine. After that, naturally, the dog will urinate longer. As for the posture. Young males can do their business sitting down, without lifting their legs. Just in appearance, not everyone can determine the age of the dog (a teenager there or an adult). Well, puppies of large breed dogs, indeed, like to eat milk densely :-).

Answer No. 19:

A dog needs to walk more often))

Answer # 20:

Let the house piss!

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