/ How to train a dog? Elementary commands. Sit, lie, aport, place, to me

How to train a dog? Elementary commands. Sit, lie, aport, place, to me

Answer # 1:

I taught myself with the help of sugar

Answer # 2:

Google the videos of the Azart team. Everything is very accessible there.

Answer # 3:

If you do not have a dog school or an instructor, then get books on the training.

Answer # 4:

The Internet is full of this information. It is desirable to work with a cynologist.

Answer # 5:

You will learn about training here http://dressirovka-sobak.com/samostoiatelnaia-dressirovka-sobak/samostoiatelnaia-dressirovka-sobak-s-chego-nachat-dressirovku.html

Answer No. 6:

It is advisable to enroll in a dressing room

Answer No. 7:

1) I agree with the comment above, it is better to pay a good cynologist and get a fully trained dog.

2) Here I will describe in detail how I taught my dog, can help you, I do not know.
* The command "Sit"
Tell your dog to "Sit" after whichCarefully plant your dog with a palm, then praise the type "Well done, well, sit." And give a delicious, the sea is sold in stores for dogs. Thus, you repeat regularly, then clean and repeat this without goodies. Within 1-2 weeks your pet will remember this command.

* The command "To me"

For this team, it is better to choose a site where there are no cars, because you have to let the dog off the leash.

You take in the hands of the yummy and slightly leanForward towards the dog when she stands with her back so that the pet can see the delicacy. Command "To me" and the dog does not take long to wait after this pet pet praising him and give a delicious. Dogs are ready to sell their soul for goodies, for example, our sweets steal. : D All dogs often do something for which they are most praised as they can and go to the toilet on the street to teach. After each time, iron, praise, give goodness.

The "Lying" command

This command is identical to "Sitting" only youYou bring your hand to the nose of the pet to the nose of the pet, not letting him eat, showing with a free palm on the floor, and the one in which the delicacy is lowered down, commanding "lie" after smelling the scent of the reward the dog will lie on the floor driven by the desire to take away food from you. As soon as the dog has lowered, iron, feed, praise.

That's basically 3 basic commands. Please, write with pleasure :)

Answer No. 8:

Delicious give special for training a pet store or buy a Vetenara.

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