/ / Do you have to walk with a dog before taking it or after?

Do you have to walk with a dog before taking it or after?

Answer # 1:

A small puppy should eat, and then walkJust do your deeds, but do not play! And playing in the fresh air, on an empty stomach! I began to feed my own after a walk somewhere from 6 months. How to stop the house shit. All individually ...

Answer # 2:

I walk before eating (in the afternoon and in the evening, in the morning we first walk, then we feed). There were not any embarrassments (ттт) so that he would like to go to the toilet once again after a meal.

Answer # 3:

Puppy after half an hour after eating usually defecates. Therefore, when training puppies for a walk they are removed after eating. They wrote, poked, sniffed the grass, walked a bit and went home. You can not run around with the dog after eating it, and generally play actively with the dog after eating

Answer # 4:

Well, I do not know - my fascist, as if on a command, woke me up at 6 am for a walk - then only breakfast))

Answer # 5:

I think there is no difference. As you will accustom, so it will be!)))

Answer No. 6:

An hour after eating.
When the dog is full, it usually rests or sleeps.
And if she is hungry during the walk,
Then he will seek and pick up something from the earth and eat it.

Answer No. 7:

Pups are taught after eating, usually

And an adult dog - individually, as it is more convenient

We display until breakfast. For it can happen;)

Answer No. 8:

Raznitsa NET here is the fastest beast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBR6_l72LYA

Answer No. 9:

Varvara and Elizabeth rightly said. To accustom the puppy to the toilet, it is better to withdraw after sleeping and after eating. A grown-up dog is better to walk before feeding in order to avoid an inversion.

Answer No. 10:

Walking on an empty stomach. Feed after the party.
With a full stomach in the dog during an active walk may well happen fraught with the death of an animal turn of the intestines.

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