/ / The Sheepdog has severely bickered with a dog friend, why?

The Sheepdog rattled hard with the dog friend, why?

Answer # 1:

Dogs do not have friends, they grow up just that's all ...

Answer # 2:

Both boys.

Answer # 3:

For the female

Answer # 4:

The mood was not very good!

Answer # 5:

For territory

Answer No. 6:

One of the dogs dames

Answer No. 7:

They quarreled. It happens.

Answer No. 8:

Probably one dog something in the behavior of the other did not like. For example, one dog quietly slept peacefully and another to play it was useful here they fought.

Answer No. 9:

Aggression between dogs living in the same family

At present, many people keep several dogs in the same family. Often they are confronted with the problem of same-sex aggression within the same family.
Possible reasons:
1. Non-stable hierarchical relationships between dogs.
Dogs living in the same family usually developStable hierarchical relations, that is, one dog obeys the other. If there is aggression between dogs living together, this indicates an unstable hierarchical relationship between animals, when dogs can not figure out which of them is the main one. Often this happens if, already to an adult dog, take a younger individual 8-12 months old, which is already ripe enough to try to challenge the leading position in the pack. At the same time, many people make the mistake of trying to punish and scold an older dog. They give a single bone, they devote more time to the young dog (the weaker dog) that they just bought.
The natural consequence of this encouragement is more severe conflicts between animals. This also makes it impossible to form a stable hierarchy in schools.
2. The problem of dominance
Any dog, regardless of its size and breedThe behavior of the wolf is peculiar. A dog who lives in a family considers her to be hers. There is a hierarchy in the pack, where one representative is superior to the others, in other words, he is the leader of the pack. The higher the position of the animal in the hierarchy, the more rights and advantages it has.
Usually the leader sets the rules and requires themExecution (dominates). He always goes first, forcing the others to follow him. Leader eats first. He can take food away from other members of the pack. He is the initiator of all the actions of the pack, whether it be games or hunting. He sleeps on the hills. In the well-known cartoon about Mowgli, the leader of Akella always lay on a high stone.
This behavior of dogs is inherent in them since birth,It determines how viable their flock will be in natural conditions. The desire to lead the pack and become the leader is for every dog.
3. Insufficient instruction in obedience
The owner will find it difficult to control the dogs if they are not trained to perform the commands on demand.
4. Insufficient physical load
Many owners walk with their dogs for only 20-30 minutes a day. The dog does not have enough time for exercise. From excess energy, it begins to manifest aggression.
Correction of problem behavior:
You have to prove to dogs that they are more important than them, to become a leader for them. To do this, you must follow these rules:
Always go in and go out first at any door. That is, before the exit and the entrance, you must stop, get off first and only then let go or enter the dog. The leader always enters and leaves first in any door.
Always rise first and go down the ladder. The dog should go near you or slightly behind, and not run ahead, because in the forefront always comes the leader.
Completely ignore the dog if she asksFood when you eat. When eating, the dog should not be near the owner. Before you feed the dog, take its bowl with one hand and show it to the other hand, take any human delicacy (biscuit, candy, apple) and eat it in front of the dog and then give the bowl. The leader always eats first.
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Answer No. 10:

Find out who's in charge with age.

Answer No. 11:

Living in one yard does not exclude the struggle for territory, female and leadership.

Answer No. 12:

Nobody canceled the hierarchy

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