/ / Tell me the dog by the following parameters

Tell me the dog by the following parameters

Answer # 1:

This is a black shepherd, suggesting that perhaps there may be a Rottweiler puppy or a Corso Corso, possibly a pit bull

Answer # 2:

Well, here even to godalki do not go it is either PIKINES or MOPS

Answer # 3:

Australian Shepherd

Answer # 4:

This is a sho you can not pick a dog?
And what about https://otvet.mail.ru/question/186073902

Answer # 5:

1.What does it mean fighting (bodyguard)? Fighting breeds do not exist, this time, there are specific dogs trained for battle, and a dog, trained to fight with other dogs, should not show aggression towards a man, how can they be disassembled?
2.Who have a great connoisseur of breeds and why does he need someone else's help?)))

Answer No. 6:

You can do it yourself. In the previous question I wrote.

Answer No. 7:

The Giant Schnauzer. Only now little is heard of them. In the 80's and 90's was common.

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

We have fighting pits, but they are not guards, aggression towards a person in disqualifying vices. So decide the fighter you want or service

Answer No. 10:

How, the great special consultant of the AMU for advice is drawn ??))
Then allow me a question. As spetsu-kinologu)) What do you think is common in a dog-bodyguard and a fighting dog? And what exactly for this "fighting"?

Answer No. 11:

Well, if you remove the nonsense about the Boyzoff, for example, Cane Corso.

Answer No. 12:

Well, if you do not pay attention to the debilitating interpretation of the word "fighters", then Cane Corso would come up with one caveat - they do not have a blue color.

Answer # 13:

With the growth of 50cm, the weight of the dog is the largest 25 kg, 45cm less. Therefore, in addition to weight is suitable mittelschnauzer and color pepper with salt is similar to blue. And shaggy it up to a hairstyle)

Answer # 14:

You have already decided))))

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