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Do dogs have intelligence, give an example?

Answer # 1:

Cross the road on a pedestrian crossing to green light, whereby street dogs

Answer # 2:

If you open the skull, then enjoy!

Answer # 3:

Obglodayet, even more than a person.
He, at least enough mind not to eat vodka

Answer # 4:

Dogs do not when they do not leave their children !! !! And that's what the dog will never do to his master badly !!!

Answer # 5:

NEVER in your presence Neither ect shoes and sofa .. when it comes back already the dog try to find in the apartment. . And my eyes as if it was not me .. as if I'm not telling you!

Answer No. 6:

What are the examples: sometimes I look like stray dogs cross the road, so they rule the traffic rules better than some pedestrians know and observe :)

Answer No. 7:

Silly even on the escalator will not go down.

Answer No. 8:

I watched the picture somehow. Two drunken dogs were walking their animals, a bitch dog and a male Staffordshire. The hosts did not divide the territory, at first just each other's material, and then went on to hand-to-hand. One another threshed, and the dogs just sat quietly side by side and watched, none of them began to protect their master from the offender and did not quarrel with each other. Maybe they were smarter than their masters?

Answer No. 9:

Just that there was a question on this topic ... http://otvet.mail.ru/question/49365339/

Answer No. 10:

What a delight in the photo! Only sorry and sorry for her.

Answer No. 11:

Certainly. They have intelligence, and to varying degrees. They distinguish words, remember a lot, make simple logical conclusions. Scientists say that dogs do not understand cause-effect relationships. This is hardly true. Otherwise, naskodiv in the morning, the dog would not hide in the evening when entering the owner's apartment. And so she understands-nashkodila for a long time = the owner has come = will see = will fly on the scruff.

Answer No. 12:

The dog has a mind, moreover, it has an intelligence that is approximately equal to the intelligence of a 5-6 year old child. The only thing the dog does not have is imagination and abstract thinking)

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