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Question to those who have several dogs.

Answer # 1:

I generally do not interrupt the chain .. Shepherd first bitch, generally without problems grew up, but I dragged her everywhere, was in the decree, then with the child in the stroller constantly on the road. We lived in a village of 3 km from the city, there was not even a shop there, they went almost every day to the city. OKD passed in fell swoop. I gradually penetrated into dog breeding, I was drawn in, I wanted a more pedigreed dog (the first was old-type). I found a nursery I bought from a traveling mating dog, his father that year just became the Champion of the World. He had more problems with him, but also coped and the influence of the first dog helped a lot. Then the first one, she grew up with both sheepdogs, walked a lot and everywhere, she was almost always without a leash (I did not have enough hands), obedience is the best, I never even had to scold her. "Left" the dog BUT, left the daughter of the spitzul, then the bitch left at almost 15 years, left another spitz, but such education as the first, it was not possible to give, maybe the character is different. Now five Spitz, in general, quite obedient, but yes, poor coping is much easier than good. For example, puff on other people's dogs, one beginning, everyone will pick up. But also on the command of Co, they run for distillation without running away.

Answer # 2:

I only fatten them, and then eat.

Answer # 3:

Dogs are usually not born at the same time, that is, By the time the second puppy appeared, the first dog had already been raised. Any copying of the bad should be stopped, including "flaws". There is no such thing that someone can, and some do not. The only exception is that puppies can be written at home, but there are no adults, but they do not try to do it.

Answer # 4:

My dogs have a difference of 5 years, by the time Imatured leave a puppy from my dog, she was completely house trained, without any gaps, she did in fact helped to grow younger, under her leadership, little mitten for the first time went to the 5-meter ladder, without fear, watching it jumped its first barrier without its share of concerns as older dog helped me raise exposure in younger, at first, then extract all the iron, it is in the same position even slightly can sit and FIG stir, put them in a pair at work at a distance, small tearing and baa ala me, elder humbly observe the process of education "mittens", small quite quickly realized that it is necessary so to behave to get the praise, and to praise it originally oooy what paaadkaya ...
And now my dogs are one team, they both complementEach other with their own characteristics, primarily cardinally different temperaments and characters, forming a single ideal dog, so to speak.

Answer # 5:

Two dogs at the moment. The male lives with us from the puppy's age, appeared with an adult, very disciplined bitch. We could be brought up by both of us - I and she. Then the bitch turned out to be dead, the dog had already picked up her brains and listened well, and a few months later a grown-up bitch appeared from the street. And in the team working for me at the bitch the dog helped me that Motya loves to be the only and favorite =) If I called her, and she ignored me, I called Charlie, praised, Motya could not tolerate such a thing! =) Running up, squeezing between us and expressing to me that she loves me more and I also definitely have to love her more than that =) With Moteya still fighting with the selection, but thank God Charlie understands that the ovchinka is not worth the candle, flies in fact So. But one thing is - if we are walking in troy to other dogs, we should not approach it. And here in this plan, I constantly have to be on the alert, what at the time to call, take a leash, pull, distract our defender. We fought and coped with aggression to other dogs when Charlie and I are alone, but if there's Motya alongside - keep me seven.

Answer No. 6:

An example of both good and bad teaching lives withMe at home: the basset is 4 years old, the sennenhundu is 9 years old, surely you have heard about the problematic obedience of the bassets, especially during the walking, the dogs are walking only together, so, I can say without exaggeration that I did not know such problems with my basset, NEVER, but the fact is that the sennenhund with its impeccable obedience serves the basset as a positive example)))
But there is another side to the medal - the basset taught the mountain dog to beg for food and steal from the table, before the appearance of the basset the dog not only looked noble, but behaved accordingly))
Here such symbiosis turns out, teach each other both good and bad, the rest in the hands of the owner - to guide this process in the right direction.

Answer No. 7:

Except for one collie, I had all the dogsFound, ie, sporadically appeared. And because the course of obedience is small and is passed quickly, then the overlap did not work. That is, all dogs were trained consistently. Of course, when in one apartment there live up to 4 males, some ... misunderstandings :) happened, but everything was solved quickly, not without forte manus, of course. Only one naideenh was educated, but he was so old and sick that he could not physically impose bad examples.
Only once at once there were two puppies(Found in the forest), but they were so small that it was not until training. It's funny when I bought a syringe (feed Alazoon and Melazoon), the pharmacist hurled it at me with words that I could not understand for a long time - "it's still young to be pricked!" :) And in 2-3 days my mother, ehhh, these puppies (both Together) added a friend (from the dining room, it was actual - the 90th years) ...
So I probably got the perfect - orAlmost perfect - option. The children were adults, they appeared consistently, I also talked to them consistently, sometimes I was treated :)), etc. Dogs did not compete, they did not build a hierarchy (almost), somehow their regular places somehow developed on their way in the forest: one Collie in front, second behind, like running around the perimeter and signaling about people and hedgehogs (the old collie stayed at home).
In general, there were no serious problems at all.

Answer No. 8:

We have perfectly worked out only one teamBraking - SO! And both carcasses immediately in flight unfold and rush to me with their pinned assholes. That's enough for me. With the German there is a team nearby, nobody is afraid of pinscher anyway. Yes, and in general, I stopped pinchers for a long time, because I need only domestic obedience, and the German woman, yes, I am dolbling, because I constantly try to show my will.

Answer No. 9:

Dogs appear consistently. By the time the zwerzhik appeared, there were already 10 additional specimens. A sample of obedience and kind disposition. After her death, she took from an orphanage an adult (1.5 years old) sung. The mother-tree was almost three.
Clear execution requires only three commands - a subvail, stop, ban. The rest we do not need.

Answer No. 10:

While the new one is growing, I always practiceIndividual exit with one dog. Without this, there will never be anything in terms of a common obedience in the pack, while she lived in the city of dogs, she broke into pairs, the young tried to change for the first time and put everything to everyone, then she already defined her constant badi, well, as the final straight work with the whole school, General trips to nature, usually on weekends

Answer No. 11:

You must start from the earliest age of a dog. BETTER TO TRAIN SIMULTANEOUSLY DOGS OF ONE AGE.


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