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I want to get a dog, I need advice ..

Answer # 1:

Do you want a tip? Engage in the education of an already existing dog. All the rest you rightly wrote ... Do not pull you the content and upbringing of the puppy, especially husky ...

Answer # 2:

The HERO idea.

Answer # 3:

Do not start anybody, even an existing dogTo bring up and educate could not. Put before the fact you do not have the right, you do not earn money, the living space is not yours, your child would have stumbled across the first number and forced to return to where they took it.

Answer # 4:

Well, the dog should be desired by all family members - and so bring and put before the fact - as for me is not the best solution to the problem.

Answer # 5:

Do not start then become lazy to take care of (feed the walk to be played) and all the mothers will yell

Answer No. 6:

You can not raise a pinscher, but can you have a husky? Correctly, dad and mom laugh, and once they laugh about your promises, only mine and I'll walk it, clean it up, and so on, then I know how it really will be. You go first, there look. It is not an idea to put before the fact to meditate and leave to parents. This is nonsense, disrespect for the parent and a misunderstanding that the dog is a living being, and not a toy for your whim.

Answer No. 7:

Well, firstly, if you buy and keep the dogs you wrote - you need a lot of money,
Secondly, when buying for such a sum (and in general) is a contract, and you are a little more.
Thirdly, no you at this age to rent a flat do not let go (parents). And in it with such a dog will not be allowed (tenants)
In four, parents can safely sell or leave to live on the street.

Answer No. 8:

If there is a great desire and opportunity (meansFor food, food) you can start. But we must understand that the dog is not a toy, and she will have to deal with, educate. And the more so a large breed. If the dog is not engaged - then she will deal with you. Will there be time in connection with studying to do all this.

Answer No. 9:

At your age, I just had a pincher, myThe first dog. I was with 6 to 20 years. I still consider him the best dog in the world. Why do you think that the other dog will listen better to you .... It will not, again choose the main mom or dad, unequivocally. What money to rent a house? It is very expensive. And the dog is also very expensive to keep. Just at this time, the dog does not need to start.

Answer No. 10:

If you could not raise a small one, then it's unlikely that you will be able to do something with a large breed.
Especially husky! Will you study, and who will run or walk with it SUFFICIENT amount of time? And if you can not rent an apartment where you can with a dog? Where are you going to get it? Leave the parents (no other options) And since the dog is not desirable, they will not perform all that is necessary. From lack of attention, there can be many kinds of things. Now it's a school, exams. How will you follow the puppy? He needs a lot of attention and energy. And while you are in school your puppy will piss on the corners, and parents for it yell at him. Anyway, at least 3 months MUST live in the house and not what place on the street the puppy can not be taken out until he has served all the vaccinations and quarantine. Parents with suma will come down! Will get to the point that he will either be sold, or given .... Education is a very difficult thing.
And frankly, then I got 14 and I bought Huskies 10 months ago, and I just begged xD
Only here we have absolutely everyone wanted this dog (but it is completely on me)

Answer No. 11:

Here I agree with your parents, despite the fact that I usually play for children. The reasons are very simple.
1. There is a pinscher with which you can not cope. This is a fact, since he bites and is not accustomed to walking. Do you think it will be easier with a big dog? No, it will be more difficult. Parenting is the same, only there is weight and strength in the black. Re-educate the pinscher first, then think about something more serious. Even an adult dog can be corrected.
2. You want to go on a budget, and rent an apartment. With a dog? First of all, if you act, or not, a question. Not even in your knowledge. Now it's really difficult. Next - rent an apartment? Good. Let's say your parents will give money for this. BUT! Will they give you money to keep the dog? And the big problem is finding a shot, where you at all will allow the owner of the apartment to keep the animals.
Conclusions - think carefully. Weigh all the pros and cons, putting aside their "I want". A dog is not only a companion for games. This is a responsibility and a lot of cares and time.

Answer No. 12:

Dreaming is not harmful. But do not make a sick head to parents.
Grow up first.

Answer # 13:

The dogs are like that. Small, playful but do not understand anything. It is better to buy a bigger dog.

Answer # 14:

Here you go, take off the apartment, and then with a calm conscience take yourself husky!
In the meantime, train the existing dog to bring up. Experience you will not be superfluous, I guarantee it.

Answer No. 15:

First act on the budget, rent your apartment, and only then you get a puppy for yourself. If you have time for this! And throwing your dream to parents is not an adult thing.

Answer # 16:

Do not be afraid of DURY. Prepare for the USE, because at low scores do not accurately budget, do not enter the commercial faculty ...

Answer # 17:

A dog (especially a large one) needs to start when housing is own, and certainly in the hope of a rented apartment, not every owner is allowed to live with a dog.

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