/ / Who is the more faithful cat or dog?

Who is the more faithful cat or dog?

Answer # 1:

Dogs tilt their head and try to understand every word you say. Cats will ignore you and take a nap if your speech drags on.
When you come home from work, your dog will be happy and will lick your face. Cats will still be angry with you that you left them in the morning.
The dog will give you all his love until his death. A cat will make you pay for every mistake you have ever made since the day you were born.
The dog knows when you are sad. And he will try to comfort you. A cat does not care how you think yourself until you have a can opener in your hands.
The dog will bring you slippers. The cat will bring you a dead mouse and put it in the slippers.
A dog will always come when you call her. And she will be happy. Cats will come when they want.
The dog will wake you if there is a fire in the house. Cats quietly slip through the back door.

Answer # 2:

You will feed and take care of ... there will be both that and another devoted and bring joy

Answer # 3:

CAT. The dog in general quarrel between the owners provokes, and smell ...

Answer # 4:

The owner's relationship to the animal ...

Answer # 5:

Of course a dog. True, both of them have too short a memory.

Answer No. 6:

The one whom the owner loves more. At koshatnikov - a cat, at dogs - a dog.

Answer No. 7:

I think dogs

Answer No. 8:

Of course, a dog, a cat is notAs much to a person as to the place in which she lives and to her in general it's all the same who is living with her there, but the dog is tied to the owner on the contrary, and she does not care where to live with it.

Answer No. 9:

There is such an expression, the dog gets used to the person, and the cat to the place. The dog is faithful.

Answer No. 10:

Dogs think that the dog, but we somehow know that the more faithful are cats)

Answer No. 11:

They say. That dogs! But there are cats!

Answer No. 12:

The dog of course!

Answer # 13:

Certainly dog.

Answer # 14:

Dogs of course!

Answer No. 15:

Dog History

All events took place on the city's bypass roadTogliatti on the street South Highway, which runs through the Avtozavodsky district and leads to the car factory and the M5 highway near the field of buckwheat. Once in 1995, the inhabitants of the city noticed a dog on the roadside. He was always in the same place and rushed to passing cars. The dog was a German Shepherd breed. Rumors of the city went off quite quickly and subsequently this dog became the property of the townspeople. [1]
Interested in this event in more detail,Residents of the Togliatti city district learned that in the summer of 1995 a car accident of two cars was near this place. According to the official version, a car of cherry color collided with an oncoming car. In the cabin of the cherry car there was a dog and his masters - a young couple (there is a version that they were newlyweds). The girl died on the spot, and the man in a grave condition was taken to the hospital, where a couple of hours later he died. Miraculously survived only the dog. His nicknames were not known, that's why the people called him "Faithful" or "Kostik" (diminutive-caressing on behalf of Constantine, which in Greek means "permanent", "true").
Dogs built a kennel and even tried to take him toHome, but not a single attempt was unsuccessful. The dog always returned back, eagerly awaiting his masters. And in the snow and rain, in any weather and season, he was invariably in his place. [2] From the sympathetic townspeople, he accepted only food. In any weather, he constantly waited and ran to all nearby passing cars. Everyone who traveled in any case to a "new" or "old" city, constantly saw Constantine running along the roadside or quietly resting on the grass. The townspeople very much fell in love with Constantine and turned his story into a "living legend".
In 2002, the dog died. He was found dead in the forest. There were rumors that Constantine shot down a KamAZ truck, whose driver, frightened by the anger of people, hid his body in a new-wood forest, thereby hiding evidence and leaving responsibility. However, no signs of violent death were found, and rumors remained unconfirmed. Kostik died his own death. Most likely, the dog went into the forest to die there. [1] Constantine waited for his master until the last second.

Answer # 16:

There is no doubt, of course the dog !! But there were cases when cats showed miracles of loyalty to their masters.))))

Answer # 17:

Dogs uniquely though I have a cat but I'm for dogs

Answer # 18:

On my experience, cats were more faithful)

Answer No. 19:

dog. Cat walks by itself)))

Answer # 20:

Who is more loved.

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