/ Why does the dog not want to eat food? And like a good feed - Royal,

Why does not the dog want to eat food? And like a good feed - Royal,

Answer # 1:

I would not eat that either ...

Answer # 2:

Because it is chemically processed, lies a lot of time and in general it is not natural, the dog is not so stupid as to eat)

Answer # 3:

Not so hot and good.

Answer # 4:

On that money, it is better to buy her meat

Answer # 5:

There may be two factors.
1. Food does not like the dog.
2.You fed it with normal food, and now they gave food, if you feed them, then continue to feed them, because their stomach adapts to another type of food not immediately, if so alternating, there may be problems with the stomach and the well-being of the dog itself.

Answer No. 6:

I do not like. Good not good from him we had pimples on his stomach, ate an excellent arden grunge and all is well but the supply of this feed is not regular and we sell it in a couple of shops in all, then we learned the allergy to the chicken and started picking food on a constant when the puppy turned a year , Tried the sea (she tasted with her), from Brita in general, she shook us like a ball, stopped at the pedigree with beef, many people like it, but we liked it and went to the stomach, the dog had 2 years on it, last year did all the uzi of all organs And it's all right, we pass the tests for testing ino Where you know nothing of what the "experts" write about the stern we did not show, the dog is active and cheerful, so that everything is individual, pick up different foods for its taste.

Answer No. 7:

Either the dog has a perverted, spoiled appetite (previously fed improperly), or previously fed a better feed, or the dog has a very low level of fork. Well or she is sick

Answer No. 8:

She's a fool to chew on chemistry.

Answer No. 9:

The dog feels human! If people are shit - the dog always has problems! They are sensitive dogs! ;-)

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