/ We decided to have a dog. What kind of breed will Maltese Bologna or Papillon choose?

We decided to have a dog. What kind of breed will Maltese Bologna or Papillon choose?

Answer # 1:

I like the Papillons more, but Maltesevery beautiful. You loved the dog. But to the first answer: whatever size the dog was, the dog remains a dog. In general, for example, many argue that the Yorkshire Terrier-rat. But not many know that this breed was originally considered a Pied Piper. Each breed has its own purposes. Take the same rate, an excellent nornate dog. And because of its small size it is much more convenient for it to climb into burrows

Answer # 2:

Again 25. German Shepherd is a dog. A Maltese bolonka is something between a cat and a rat.

Answer # 3:

It's a matter of taste, I prefer papillons. They are smarter, and outwardly more simpotichnee. Maltese lap-dogs in my opinion are ordinary, long white wool, and a black eye and a nose ....

Answer # 4:

It's a matter of taste, but a bolonka is better.

Answer # 5:

Papillons are considered to be the most intelligent of decorative dogs, besides, they do not constantly grow hair, and the maltese grows, they must be constantly cut, like Yorkies and poodles

Answer No. 6:

Take a smooth ... with it less trouble

Answer No. 7:

With maltese namuchaetes! We must make sure that the coat is always snow-white. For this purpose there are special shampoos, etc. With papillons it is easier.

Answer No. 8:

And I like Maltese! If you choose between mini or standard, it's better to choose the standard! The mini has many diseases and the standard has better immunity! And with a wool of problems it is not enough to cut and not to suffer! They are affectionate and playful! They do not have to walk with them every day! You can buy diapers and teach them to go there!
And why is a maltese called a rat?

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