/ / Natural food for your beloved dog.

Natural food for your favorite dog.

Answer # 1:

In the search engine, hammer a natural diet for a dog of this kind of breed. Articles of the sea written by specialists, their instructions and follow)

Answer # 2:

On the forums and sites of cynologists go, and not here!

Answer # 3:

It is easier for you to consult a veterinarian -The amount of food should be some part of the weight of the dog, but since it is still young, it is slightly larger than that of an adult dog. I acted easier - fed 2 times a day, but as much as eaten.

Answer # 4:

Buy a soup set

Answer # 5:

You can calculate for your dog, taking into account weight and age, here is the link to the ration calculator http://www.cleverdog.ru/calculator.html

Answer No. 6:

You did not even designate the breed ... (how to advise?) /

Answer No. 7:

Yes, no one grams a dog does not feed - anyone is wrong to count the diet every day and it makes no sense in this. In the kitchen you can brew something approximate and not more.
Usually, 30% of offal, 30% of lean meat, 20% of cottage cheese, 10% of cereals, 10% of vegetables are given.

Answer No. 8:

Prikolno-the puppy refuses to eat ... And the point then is trying to balance the naturalalku? And if he does not give you natural tea, will you take him to McDonald's? Against "refuses" is a cynological technique worked out for centuries. Food is put on the clock and after 15 minutes it is cleaned by the next feeding, and no snack-tasty food .. With this upbringing, more than one dog has not committed suicide by declaring a hunger strike ...

Answer No. 9:

I give the volume of a dog's head

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