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Tell me the dog breed?

Answer # 1:

According to your requirements - only the courtyards are suitable. They have a choice of wool and a structure. In shelters, such dogs are full. And the volunteers of the shelter will help you with the choice of the dog that you need ...

Answer # 2:

Staffordshire terrier

Answer # 3:


Answer # 4:

Labrador the best option is true and obedient, very cool
And if not then the wolfhound

Answer # 5:

Caucasians take it

Answer No. 6:

Well, you have the requirements ...

We need a guard. But not large ...

Less than 30 kg.

But the "guard" still need to train.


I now thought maybe you and Chauchau and Sharpey can take at least some sort of protection, they are in kg. Very suitable for you :))) More bull terriers from 11 to 15 kg. Weigh ...

Answer No. 7:

The schnauzer will work

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

What is the variation)
Gentleman Toda, with a good undercoat, to live on the street. How the call goes. 30 kg, I do not think that can become norms. Protection. For protection, clearly, more powerful breeds were produced.

Answer No. 10:

Tibetan mastiff - saapsem small sabashka.

Answer No. 11:

Can be a middel-schnauzer, like a medium-sized one, and can protect

Answer No. 12:

Take a small mongrel, at least some will be empty.

Answer # 13:

The Giant Schnauzer is not large, can live in a private house. The above answer is good: a jerk.

Answer # 14:

You option stuff. You know dogs designed for protection according to your requirements are hard to find. I think your option is the bull terrier. The dog is not that big, but it can protect. You can also chinese dog Chongqing

Answer No. 15:

Of the thoroughbred on your request is not really pick up. Take the noble.

Answer # 16:

Dobermann bitch take (27-41 kg)
A dog weighing 30 kg will not normally guard.

Answer # 17:

Yards, this is for you. Especially since they are accustomed to the street.

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