/ / The dog threw puppies !!!

The dog threw puppies !!!

Answer # 1:

How many puppies were born? Your concern now is to find a lactating mother or buy a special mixture from a veterinarian.
Try putting the puppies to your mother's breast, if she does not get up and leaves or does not threaten them, then let them eat.
You need to wipe each puppy with your hands to warm it.
Still need to organize a warm room where they will all be.
Box for dogs blanket .... Collect a hot-bottle with hot water and wrap it with towels, attach it to your hand and hold it for 30 seconds, if you do not feel hot then drop it to their bed, make sure that they have a place to move away from this bottle of heating if it's hot.
You can put a watch next to them so that their ticking sounded like my mother's heart.
Feed them every 2 hours! By a little.
After each meal, take a cotton wool and lightly wet it ... Pass it the genitals so that the puppies will make their needs, both in front and behind.
By massaging their tummies.
To feed with syringes, going into the mouth from the side, not straight. Keep them paws on the ground.
In my experience, I did not forget luck.

Answer # 2:

Contact your veterinarian

Answer # 3:

Go to the vet, what else to think about.

Answer # 4:

Bad dog

Answer # 5:

There could be a placenta or even a dead puppy, carry it to the wind and urgently.

Answer No. 6:

What kind of people ... And it did not occur to show the dog to the doctor ?? There is no other option, it's not clear ?? Here no one will help, the doctor needs a personal examination with interrogation, with the addiction of you as the owner

Answer No. 7:

Ruptures in the dog, perhaps, or the puppy has remained. Throws, because something bothers her. A veterinarian needs

Answer No. 8:

Have gone what that complications after sorts or labors

Answer No. 9:

To take to the vet and there to find out exactly what with the dog

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