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Which dog is better to start?

Answer # 1:

It seems to me that for you the idealJack Russell Terrier! Firstly, this dog is so cheerful and optimistic that it will not bore anyone! Secondly, this dog practically does not shed, in the third, it has a short hair, in the fourth, it will feel at home so comfortably, because hunting, especially so fast, powerful physique, which, I think, for you it will be simple Perfect! You can also consider the option with the Mini Pinscher. This is a wonderful dog, very cheerful, active, very little sick, smart enough, just like Jack Russell Terrier, and in general a wonderful breed! If you want something bigger, you can take Beagle, a hunting breed, wonderful friends, and you will not be bored either, it's your choice, of course you can take the dog from the shelter, choose you ...

Answer # 2:

Taking a dog from a shelter to children is risky.

Answer # 3:

Chao chao

Answer # 4:


Answer # 5:

You need the breed that will suit the whole family, look in the internet ...

From myself I can advise, such breeds as


Boston Terrier



American Spaniel

English Spaniel
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel



Answer No. 6:

You can have a nobleman, but you do not exactly know what kind he will be. If from thoroughbreds, it is possible to get:
1) Silichem Terrier. A little nice little white dog. Active. Getting along with children. But you need care for your hair.
2) German Shepherd. Great. Security. Clever.
3) Labrador. The identity is ideal. Clever. Extraordinary good. Great.
I do not advise taking fighters, bulldogs, staffs, fox-terriers.
The pedigree can be found in the kennel for free. But not a puppy. From 6 months. Or 1 year

Answer No. 7:

Take the zwergpinscher, the dog is not big,Short hair, very smart, hardy and faithful, excellent trained and with children it's the most, and even at the dacha it's barking after a bicycle or a scooter so first thing and care is very simple, and outwardly cute, and well-bred good dog, go to a shelter Especially if close, maybe your friend is there

Answer No. 8:

Advising the American or English spaniel they are not too big growth at the withers up to 42 cm very soft wool And getting along with the children :)

Answer No. 9:

Take in the shelter. Joy and love will be many!

Answer No. 10:

For a family labrador - a great option! (Preferably at an early age for training to give)

Answer No. 11:

Take it from the shelter. I did not quite understand what it means to be well in the apartment. If you are good
Walk - any dog ​​will
To feel good.
You can take what you want.
You can dobermann, BUT, BCO, collie, Airedale, Risenschnauzer, Malinois,
Stafford, Bull Terrier. Of
Those that are smaller, the toller,
Pinscher, mittelschnauzer,
Zwergschnauzer. Cheetahs cheerful
Dogs). Spitz. These are the dogs that I like and some I have kept.

Answer No. 12:

I agree with Hollywod and plus to her list I'll add a little more: 1- Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog Chihazua, Beagle
And of course the option with a shelter is also worth considering

Answer # 13:

Pug. For families with children is ideal. Just watch so that children do not offend))

Answer # 14:

Precisely do not take a big bead, and neverLower with a leash, a hunting dog, a hound. Jack Russell - enedzeyzer, Zvergpinscher is a small Doberman with Doberman character. By the way, it's quite complicated in training. Lightweight breeds for beginners - poodle (minus-care for wool), collie, sheltie (somewhat cowardly breed), spaniel (minus - eat everything), fr bulldog, papillon, shih-tzu.

Answer No. 15:

Playful family simple breeds with no complicatedCharacter: Mittelschnauzer, German Boxer, Zwergschnauzer, Labrador, French Bulldog, Poodle, Pug, English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (not to be confused with the American Staffordshire Terrier). Ka De Bo

Answer # 16:

It is best to take a puppy in a nursery, healthy,Grafted, especially in the apartment children. Well, you need a small breed, I like Chihuahua and Spitz, they are kind, sonorous, playful, small (for the apartment itself). Here is a good kennel http://happyspitz.ru with useful information.

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