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What is the rarest breed of dog?

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Tibetan mastiff

Tibetan mastiff is considered one and the mostThe oldest dogs that guarded the Tibetan monasteries. This breed is the progenitor of all mountain dogs and mastiffs. These dogs differ in strength and power from nature. Since ancient times myths and legends go about these animals.

The Tibetan mastiff has a thick even coat. The growth of the cable is from 77-86 cm, the bough is from 72 to 78 cm, and the weight can reach up to 85 kg. By nature - it is a calm, restrained, friendly, obedient and clean dog that can live in a family and at the same time be able to protect the house impeccably.

Also this breed is considered the most expensive in the world. Today in the CIS countries the price of this breed is from 3000 to 12000 dollars! A puppy, brought from the native land of the breed - Tibet, costs ten times that amount. Rich people often buy dogs of this breed to emphasize their status. Not so long ago, was sold 11 month old puppy of the Tibetan mastiff, whose weight was almost 80 kg, for a record $ 1.5 million!

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Bichon Frize - French miniature breedDogs from the group of bolonok. Translated from French means curly lapdog. About them it became known already in the 16th century, when snow-white and playful bishons accompanied European seafarers, playing the role of Pied Piper. Later they became popular among the European nobility and at the royal court. It's even small, but quite bold, active and obedient dogs of French origin. The cost of the dog bichon frize varies from 550 to 1600 dollars.

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Rare is it that has become rare or which was her.
If there was then probably Ridgeback, the Tibetan mastiff, and if it became rare then there are many options.

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Top 10 most rare and endangered breeds of dogs (10 photos)
Http: // supercoolpics .com / 2012/04/29 / top-most-rare-and-endangered-breeds-s /
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