/ What kind of food is better to feed the puppy

What food is better to feed the puppy

Answer # 1:

Where did you get the puppy?
Most likely the breeder, well, or from mom (puppy)You need to call and ask how they fed it, but just on a boom by the name or elites, it's not possible to choose food for the elite, since it can not be elementary (cause an allergy) or simply the puppy will not eat it .... I say from my own experience I took Puppy and decided to change the food for a more expensive Elite ... well, the puppy refused .... as a result, lucky for the courtyards ...

Answer # 2:

Est-super is a premium class. To prmeru Orjgenen (Canada) or Eucliboium (Brazil). In the last. Feed under the classes. For puppy large. Rocks, medium, small.

Answer # 3:

And I think that it is better than cottage cheese (while growing), porridge with meat (boiled or fresh) is nothing. Dry crackers, and I'm for normal food.

Answer # 4:

Puppy is better to feed than something natural ... Let him grow up let him eat food!

Answer # 5:

Super premium class, a balanced diet at this age is very important!

Answer No. 6:

Feed super premium, includes all vitamins and minerals. Akana, Hils Husse, Innova, Orijen

Answer No. 7:

Husset Valp - Full nutrition for growing puppies and nursing bitches.

A puppy needs twice as much energy andNutrients than the dog. Hussae Valp is a Super Premium food that contains additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for growth. Suitable for puppies from 4 weeks of age. Also ideal for pregnant and nursing bitches.

If a puppy of a large breed - Hussa Valp Maxi
If a puppy of small breed - Husse Valp Mini
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