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When Yorksies drop out and change their baby teeth, how to remove them, photo

In all dogs, regardless of the breed, including 42 permanent teeth in York: 20 in the upper jaw and 22 in the lower jaw. Teeth are divided into incisors, canines, premolars and molars.

And if the dog is exhibition, then it is unacceptableAbsence of any tooth. York puppies are born toothless. The first milk teeth they appear about 12-16 days. First it's two canines in each jaw. Cutters and premolars cut through behind them. Incisors should be 6 in each jaw. Milk premolars should not have the first tooth.

If it appears, it means it will not grow anymorePermanent tooth. This is considered a developmental defect and the Yorkshire Terrier will no longer be allowed to exhibit. For a month and a half or two months, a full "milk" set of 28 teeth is already formed in the jaws of York. Although there may be slightly less or more teeth. They can change as a full rate, and stay in the incomplete.

Change of a teeth at yorka

Replacement and removal of milk teeth in YorkIn York, the change of milk teeth to permanentOccurs from 3-4 months and ends by half or 7 months. The first are the incisors. Under the root of the milk tooth, the root rudiment begins to grow. At this time, the root of the milk tooth dissolves, it becomes shaky and soon drops out on its own.

However, it is important for the dog owner to remember thatPermanent teeth grow along the path of least resistance. They appear on the canal, which occurs after the loss of the milk tooth. That is, new teeth occupy the place of their predecessors. Therefore, if the root of the milk tooth does not dissolve in time, then it must be removed in time.

Otherwise, new teeth can grow uneven. The reasons for the wrong change of teeth are many, starting with errors in feeding and ending with genetics. Change of teeth may be delayed if the puppy is painful, weakened. Therefore, during this period, a small york needs to be closely monitored and taken on time.

When and in what cases can you remove the milk teeth of york?

Milk tooth that does not drop out on timedelete. It is better to contact the veterinarian for this. This operation of an adult and a large dog is carried out under general anesthesia. However, such a small dog as a york can do and local anesthesia. It takes an operation of only 5 minutes and after it the animal feels well.

Also, the owner can try it lightlyTo loosen the milk tooth so that it falls on time. It is even preferable not to give a small puppy anesthesia, which is dangerous for his health, for example, can cause allergies and shock.

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