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The dog can be dumb?

Answer # 1:

There are no dumb dogs.

But some dogs just do not bark. There are such breeds.

Basenji - the dog is light and elegant. Cheerful, cheeky dog. The main distinctive feature of the breed - Basenji does not bark. However, this does not mean that they remain silent all the time. They publish unique sounds inherent only in this breed, including their famous "trills". This is a clean, playful and affectionate dog, which makes it ideal for home and family ...
(Forest dog Congo, Congo-terrier, Binga terrier, dog Azande).
Binga - a tribe of pygmies living in tropicalForests of the Congo. Azande - a plateau in Central Africa. Previously, the standard described two varieties of basenji - plain (growth - 40 cm, color - light-pale with white) and forest (smaller growth, darker color). The second part of the name - "terrier", perhaps associated with the fact that dogs, like English terriers, often hunted reed rats, which the aborigines used for food.
There is an opinion that the ancestors of Basenji were the firstHunting dogs on the African continent. These are quite cautious multi-purpose hunting dogs. Pygmies and other African tribes use them on the hunt to scare the game, which they catch by the net. The modern name of the breed comes from the name of the African Basenji tribe. The European debut of the Basenji took place at the Kraft exhibition in the UK in 1937, where it was shown under the name "Congo-terrier", or "jungle dog".
In females, the basenji tebes occur once a year.


The sacred dog of the Aztec tecici is the ancestor of the Chihuahua
Techichi were the ancestors of the Chihuahua. The Spaniards, and, in particular, Columbus, and called them - "silent dogs," since they almost did not cast votes.

Answer # 2:

No. There is a breed that is advertised as bouncy (bassenji), but they also sound very peculiar sounds.

Answer # 3:

One dog was operated on ligaments and it became dumb. His mouth opens, but can not bark. But I did not hear about the congenital dumbness.

Answer # 4:

no. All the dogs are talking

Answer # 5:

Http://www.catalogueofmass-media.ru/index.php?dn=news&to=art&id=27078 There is also such, read here!

Answer No. 6:

I think maybe because my mother cat, for example, can not meow, instead it produces inarticulate sounds remotely similar to meowing.

Answer No. 7:

Maybe ... Overseas very often sell puppies, linked on ligaments ...

Answer No. 8:

The mute non-meeting, the Pikinaces barking very much their own heard for the first time in six months. Still, it seems the German Dobermans do not.

Answer No. 9:

At me though and not бассенджи, and onlyA French bulldog, but also a little barking. So, buffin a couple of times, when on the stairs zashumyat. In the street, she does not bark at all, even in response to her dog that is barking at her. And if it whims, asking for delicious, then it's more like chirping birds than whining. With all this, the dog is not a coward, gets along well with other dogs, plays and runs.

Answer No. 10:

And Th bark if there is no reason, and the owner is near. Protects and "deters" from anyone :))))))))))) kidding.

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