/ Which dog is better than Husky or Alaskan Malamute?

Which dog is better than Husky or Alaskan Malamute?

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As the first dog will not go neither, norAnother. Training gives in with difficulty, very stubborn, prone to run away. I know not by hearsay, I have a Spitz-like dog (Japanese Spitz, like Huskies and Malamutes, etc. - Spitz-like) was very stubborn. Tried to dominate, ran away, did not obey. Broke it at the age of just over a year. Right now silk. You are willing to endure about a year and a half? Vryatli. And then, huskies are generally wild stubborn. And with a very willful character.
Buy a sheepdog, though

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Answer # 3:

Siberian husky!

Answer # 4:

Better for what? You are on an expedition or so, ride?)))

Answer # 5:

Malamutu zharko letom budet

Answer No. 6:

Friendly and calm, but alive with it.

The dog is categorically not suitable forUse as a hunting (hunting, but does not bring prey), guard (the instinct of the protection of the territory is minimized) and guard (in the norm these dogs completely lack aggression on the person). The dog is too independent, so it's bad for the role of the service.

Attempts to unblock aggression againstPeople usually end up with a dog with a disturbed psyche that, with the physical capabilities of this dog, poses a huge danger to others. This breed can not be strictly used as a guard.

Siberian Husky easily settles in a new place andNot bad suited for housing content. Recently, this breed has become very popular due to its unusual appearance. However, Husky requires great physical activity, long walks and regular "gymnastics for the mind" (obedience, frisbee, agility, trips to new places for dogs, etc.)

Siberian husky have a propensity to flee. In addition, they are excellent diggers and jump well, which complicates their retention within the fenced area.

Alaskan Malamute:
The Alaskan Malamute is very mobile andGood-natured dog with a high intellect. Good gets along with people, but does not have the character of submission. Sometimes he shows obstinacy, because the character of malamutes is very strong and they try to be leaders literally in any situation. To bring up malamute is necessary from an early age, and the sooner a person gives an understanding to the animal "who's the boss", the better.

If there are several different dogs in the houseRocks and among them the Alaskan Malamute - you can be sure that he will be the leader in this "flock". The course of guard and guard duty with these dogs, as a rule, does not pass, because they are by nature not aggressive towards people and this makes them unsuitable for guard duty, although their appearance is quite impressive.

Answer No. 7:

Siberian Husky (Eng. Siberian Husky) - a breed of dogs, bred as a sled dog, one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Currently, it is also used as a companion dog and show dog.
Alaskan Malamute is a fairly largeA dog bred in Alaska and intended for work in a harness, one of the oldest breeds of dogs. Inferred that the Eskimo tribe is a Malemute, according to which it is named.

There are two lines of malamutes, which differ byIts size. The M'Lut line is larger than the Kotzebue line. The aboriginal color of this breed is gray, wolf, in the line M'Lut there are other colors, such as black and white, blue and pure white. The Kotzebue line is less aggressive than the M'Lut line. Among the breeders there is still a dispute about which malamute is called "correct", but representatives of both lines have not yet lost their working qualities.

This dog needs frequent and prolongedWalks, but if the dog is kept in a private house, the owner should know that the malamutes are characterized by "land works", this dog can dig a large enough pit in minutes. The urge to dig is due to the fact that in the nature of the malamutes they produced food, digging out from the ground various rodents.

The Alaskan Malamute practically does not bark, they seem to grumble, which is not at all characteristic of other breeds of dogs (not including the Basenji).
Choose !!!!

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Answer No. 9:

Husky !!!

Answer No. 10:

This dog is not for a sofa

Answer No. 11:

FOR WHAT is better? For what purpose?
Which is better - an image bentley or a sports bugatti? What can be said objectively, without subjective judgments?

Answer No. 12:

Both are home-punishable, especially inConditions of the city. Runaways and terrible aggressors in relation to small rodents - the daughter had three small hamsters - devoured, pigeons - gobbled, bunny unfortunate - paw bit off the front. But in adulthood - not a single large dog will be allowed to enter.

Answer # 13:

Both are good!

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Answer No. 15:

Huskies are better, and those who write that they are not better offTake, then do not put your nose where you do not need it. Then they ask who better and answer which of them is better, and not "better they do not start in the apartment they can not live, they need freedom," they asked who better to start and say without any frills. Maybe someone has a private house and will always walk with dogs only who is best to be uninstalled and asked, and you idiots say someone else better, and they do not like others so much!

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