/ / Brought in the dog's dog, he's still a puppy, he's a month, he's always crapping .. how to wean him ?!

Brought in a dog in the apartment, he is still a puppy, he is a month, everywhere he spoils .. how to disaccustom him ?!

Answer # 1:

Puppies begin to understand that you need to ask to go to the street from 6 months. So wait, be patient, get out.

Answer # 2:

Six months you will suffer.

Answer # 3:

And so it will be months to 7 and maybe longer. Puppies do not know how to tolerate.

Answer # 4:

Where you go to bed a diaper and try to go on a diaper so you will learn to walk even in one place

Answer # 5:

So, sooner or later - sooner or later - your newThe puppy will make a "puddle on the floor." First, take the newspaper and put it in a puddle so that it absorbs urine. Keep this newspaper. Then take a rag, soap and water, wash the floor and wipe it dry. Then put a piece of wet paper on a large enough square of dry newspapers in a convenient corner. Every time you clean up for a puppy, leave one piece of wet paper on top of the dry ones. Every time a puppy wants to use the toilet, he will look for this place and use the newspapers. After each accurate hit, you need to reward the baby with a very tasty. Boiled meat or chicken is quite suitable for a reward. In less than 10 days your goal will be achieved!

Leave the puppy at night. Probably, he will cry and even howl, some puppies are very persistent in their desire to approach you. But leave it for the night alone. This may sound cruel, but this procedure is the best. In this you will see in the future. Just let him squeak: sooner or later he will be tired. It was morning. Wait until the puppy makes a morning "puddle," and only then feed him. Puppies usually go to the toilet immediately when they wake up, before going to bed, after each meal and after every "quiet hour". To reduce the number of "mistakes", drop it on the newspaper more often during the first few days until he understands why there are newspapers.

Accustoming to cleanliness is a simple thing, if it isDo the right and pedantic. Simply, you are dealing with inevitability. Warn his need before he does it. And for the first few mistakes do not say anything to him, especially during the first 24 hours. Then, if he does not obey, point him at the error and quietly, but firmly say "Fu!". It must be done resolutely and strictly. The puppy must understand that he has done something bad, but he should not be scared to death. And in any case you can not beat him or scream. Organize everything in such a way that he does not have the opportunity to disobey and be punished. More often praise for the right actions and encourage.

Punishment of a puppy a few minutes afterMade puddle is completely ineffective. Nevertheless, you can reduce the number of attempts to make a puddle not in the right place, if you carefully monitor the puppy and at the moment when he starts to fuss and take a characteristic position, loudly clap your hands. In no case should you forcibly sit the puppy in a tray or on a newspaper and hold it there with your hand. This can have the opposite effect.

It is necessary to wash with special care allPlaces stained with a puppy. In order to avoid trouble related to damage to carpets and bed linen, do not let the puppy into the bedroom, do not put the baby to bed with him. Set the trays in several places, lay out more newspapers in the corners. Put a tray or put the newspaper exactly in the place where the puppy most often makes puddles and piles. For a while, lock the puppy in one room (preferably in the bathroom), along with a tray or newspapers spread out on the floor.

If nothing can make a puppy useTray or newspaper, lock it for several days in a cage or put it in an enclosure, where the floor is completely covered with newspapers. Gradually reduce the territory covered by newspapers. After 2-3 weeks the result should be positive. Gradually reduce the number of trays and newspapers in different corners. Begin to let the puppy into the rooms, first to the one where he never stained the floors, and then to all the others. If errors begin again, then you hurried and you need to start acting much more slowly, "step by step".

Answer No. 6:

No patience and more rags. And you, as you wish, my mother ask you from the first days on the pot went.

Answer No. 7:

Not yet. Puppy, like a child does not feel when he needs to go to the toilet. Calmly clean and in any case do not scold the puppy. Walk more often. Adapting to the toilet on the street will start from 7 months. Some of them can not tolerate for a year or more. Adult dog to walk at least 3 times a day.

Answer No. 8:

When we first took the puppy, we knew perfectly well,That the puppy will shit EVERYWHERE. There were no surprises on this score. Puppy in the house is lifting from the floor of carpets, buckets, rags and a lot of patience. And you demand some kind of obedience from a month (!!) baby. Just barely torn from his mother.
"Do not go to the toilet on the street" .And you take the UNKNOWN baby to the street? If this is not trolling, then there are simply no words ...
On the street puppies are NOT taken out, until the end of the vaccination course. We are talking about the owners who love the pet and do not want to ruin it.
Only after the end of the vaccinations and the quarantine that has been kept after them do they start walking.
For the training to the streets are carried out 6-8 times. You need to create a strict schedule and catch the moments after sleeping and feeding. I woke up or ate on my hands and ran to the piss. Out on the street, we praise and we stroke. For the deed of the house you can not scold.
With this schedule, the minimum required months for the 6-th required reflex will be fixed.
And forgive me, of course, but you thought, do you need a puppy at all? Judging by the past of your topic. Https://otvet.mail.ru/question/186314073
You are already wondering why he is buggingCorners. That is, for you it was a surprise. You are not going to put him on grafts, since you are already starting to take him to the ground. And what will happen in the future. Or if an unvaccinated puppy grabs an infection on the street. You will be ready to treat it, get out of the sick, go to the vet clinic, sit with him for hours and days?
Is not it better to think right away and, before it's too late, to return the breeder.
The fate of mindlessly taken puppies is one. Or he will die with you. Or you, after realizing that you have not coped, will get rid of the grown up person. And then, the transition of an unnecessary spoiled dog to the hands. And ultimately euthanasia.

Answer No. 9:

Accustom to the diaper, you had to think it over.

Answer No. 10:

And when you started it up, you thought it would not be a shit or something? Strange such ... He is a child, and children all shit.

Answer No. 11:

Normally puppies can write and swing at home until 6-8 months of age

Answer No. 12:

Do not hit. Will not understand. You learn the doggie himself, when you will take out a walk-praise him after every toilet. And let's have a delicacy.)))))

Answer # 13:

You are 6 months old, too, themselves on the pot ran ??
Here and with the puppies as well! Accustom to walking on a diaper!

Answer # 14:

Well, it's too early to expect more from him

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