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Border terrier: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo, the price of the puppies

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Border Terrier - a hunting breed of dogs, whichHave long been bred in the UK. This is an old natural breed that has not undergone artificial distortion. These dogs are used when hunting for foxes, as well as as a cheerful, but not noisy pet that does not require much attention.

Border terrier

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Border terrier

For connoisseurs of the breed this dog is quite specialClass. The homeland of the border terrier was the mountains and hills of Roxburghshire and Northumberland, untouched by civilization, where hunters needed terriers not sensitive to bad weather and fast-footed. At great distances, they had to accompany packs of rear-haunches and foxhounds and have sufficient hunting instincts to cope in a hole with an otter or fox.

Now the border terrier is more intended for those who like to make long walks in the fields and forests with the dog.


This is the smallest of the working terriers. Its height at the withers does not exceed 40 cm, weight - 5.2-7 kg.

One of the striking features of the appearance of the border terrier is a head that looks like an otter's head, with a dull muzzle.

Once suitable for hunting dogs were measured,Clasping his chest with his hands. If the dog was placed between two men's palms, then it is suitable. After all, she must crawl into the fox hole. This parameter is now in the official breed standard.

Also, he must have long enough legs to be able to follow the horse during the hunt.

The dark eyes of the border terriers have a keen expression. Small triangular ears are lowered forward. Moderately short tail, thick at the base, high set.

Border color can be wheat, red,Blue with a tan or gray (grizzly) with a tan. Puppies are born much more dark and the final color is gradually acquired by half a year. It is inadmissible in breed brown and black color. The coat of the border is thick, stiff and tight, it protects the dog from bad weather.

In the body of the dog and its movements, an unusualA combination of softness and some sharpness. It combines a unique harmonious mobility with the primitive firmness of the German wool-haired German.

Character of the border terrier

Border terrier

By its nature, a border is exclusivelyAffectionate, benevolent and attentive dogs. They get along well with everyone, including children. They need communication in the family, and it is desirable to interact with representatives of other breeds. So the boarders feel comfortable.

It is a hardy working dog, with a balanced character, brave and never-burned. In doing so, she often becomes an affectionate pet and a reliable companion.

He is mobile and tireless in games, likes to play pranks,Always on our guard. It is very good for speedy overcoming of obstacles - agility. In Europe, it often "works" in nursing homes and hospitals as a "therapist".

With pets the borderer gets along well, but his hunting instinct is very strong and on a walk he can start chasing cats, birds, rodents, etc.

Maintenance and care

Border care is not complicated. Its hard coat and dense undercoat should only be plucked from time to time by hand. Dogs of this breed never shear. 2-3 times a week, wool combs with a stiff brush.

Borderers perfectly coexist in urban apartments and houses. It feels great in the countryside, in the aviary.

Such a dog necessarily needs long walks and good physical activity. But in urban conditions, walking it better on a leash, so that there is no temptation to chase after a cat.

Border Terrier Health

These dogs are real long-livers. Their average life expectancy is 12-15 years. As a rule, they have good health, especially if they get enough physical exertion, as well as regular care, timely vaccination.

Occasionally, boarders encounter anomalies in the development of joints - dysplasia of the hip or elbow joint.

There are carders and heart anomalies, and alsoProblems with the eyes (juvenile cataract and progressive atrophy of the retina). Other diseases include ataxia of newborn puppies, Spike's disease (epileptoid convulsive syndrome), cryptorchidism, allergic reactions. The frequency of various genetic abnormalities such as snacking or bunchy tails is quite low compared to other breeds.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Border-terrier puppies are rather highly valued and in Russia you can find not many breeders. The price of such a puppy fluctuates From 10 000 rubles to 50 000 rubles.

Border Terrier Photos

Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Border terrier Warrant Terrier in flowers Border terrier
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