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Castration york (yorkshire terrier): pros and cons, after-effects, reviews

If York is not originally intended for participationIn exhibitions and breeding, it must be castrated. It will free you from many troubles. First of all, the dog will not run under the action of the instinct of reproduction.

After all, if you lose a tiny york - it canTurn into a real tragedy. The growing animal becomes unmanageable and aggressive. In addition, castration makes the dog healthier, excluding the development of such dangerous diseases as prostatitis and tumors, as well as many venereal diseases.

At what age is the Yorkshire Terrier castrated?

York need to be castrated at the age of 5-7 months,Because small dogs mature quite early. Earlier castration may inhibit the physiological development of the puppy, and lead to the development of urolithiasis. But even at a later date, it is better not to postpone this operation, because the dog can maintain sexual behavior.

What you need to know before the castration of the Yorkshire Terrier

Is it necessary to neuter the yorkIn any case, a york must be absolutely healthy, since he will have a general anesthesia, and this is a big burden on the heart. During castration, the sex glands are removed - egg or testicles.

It is best to use a surgical method,Because others are either not effective or not humane. Before the operation, the Yorke is kept for 12 hours on a starvation diet, because the operation is under general anesthesia.

York after castration

Postoperative sutures are removed with a favorable outcome in 8-10 days. Possible course of antibiotic. If after the operation there are any discharge, you need to urgently contact the veterinarian.

After the operation, York is forever a puppy - playful and cheerful. Also, he will be less sick and live longer in good condition.


The cost of castration york can vary depending on the region and the veterinary clinic from 300 to 1300 rubles.

Reviews of the Yorkshire Terrier castration

Reference number 1

My Tigranes as matured, so it became easyungovernable. Barked at all in a row and even as if in a fight rushed to the big dogs. I brought him up normally, even went to the club, obedience commands passed. And then the instructor advised me to castrate the dog. I very much doubted. But he is small, and suddenly anesthesia will not survive. Can there be an allergy? But I was reassured that the anesthesia is good, and the doctor is a pro. And everything went fine. For a week all has begun to live, and my boy has calmed down.

Svetlana, Moscow

Reference number 2

I had to castrate the dog, because onceHe managed to escape for the girl and since then began to mark everything in the apartment. It was a nightmare. And the veterinarian said that only castration would help. And in fact, it helped. And there is nothing wrong with this operation.

Rita, St. Petersburg

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