/ / The dog does not want to execute commands.

The dog does not want to execute the commands.

Answer # 1:

She does not fully understand what they want from her. Read articles about training. Or she's just lazy. To train it is necessary, when the dog did not eat for a long time, and not after meal and to praise it is necessary correctly. You can not swear while the dog does not understand.

Answer # 2:

Still small

Answer # 3:

It is necessary to train her when she is hungry ... she learns for a piece .. and it must be shown that she is required

Answer # 4:

So teach is not correct.

Answer # 5:

Pleasant little dog - when you give a command --- no extra words ---- for example --- place !!! When the dog is correctly executed, the reward is given-a delicious! Learn the necessary commands - unnecessary is not necessary.

Answer No. 6:

Go to the dressing room and the instructor will train you. How to manage a dog

Answer No. 7:

The rule of three X in training from Varvara Bolshakova:
If the dog does not do something, it means:
1. You taught her shit and she does not understand what she wants from her.
2. You are her horseradish motivated and she does not understand why she should do this.
3. She feels sick or physically can not fulfill the requirements.
Other reasons can not be.

Answer No. 8:

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