/ / If you take a dog with a pedigree, do you have to go to the exhibition with her?

If you take a dog with a pedigree, do you have to go to the exhibition with her?

Answer # 1:

Of course not
From my previous I went to only one exhibition (then it was necessary to change the puppy to the pedigree)

Answer # 2:

Of course not. In the event that only you buy a puppy of the Shaw class)

Answer # 3:

No, we do not go, for example. In the breeding is not going to, a dog favorite without exhibitions)

Answer # 4:

No, this is your desire, but without an exhibition evaluation you will not get admission to breeding

Answer # 5:

Not necessary. Pedigree is a guarantee that the puppy is thoroughbred. And exhibitions are voluntary, not everyone wants to breed.

Answer No. 6:

no. You can completely abandon the pedigree. At one time our royal poodle had 8 puppies. When the puppies dispersed to their permanent owners, then only two puppies took the documents for the pedigree. The rest did not apply for the documents. Despite the fact that my poodle, and the dog from whom she had puppies, had elite pedigrees.

Answer No. 7:

No, it is not necessary. Just by buying a dog with all the documents, you will be sure of its thoroughbredness. And it will shine at exhibitions or just a pet - it depends on your desires.

Answer No. 8:

Of course not. My dog ​​with a pedigree, but (after going through exhibitions / breeding with the previous dog), now we are engaged in freestyle, it is much more interesting than any exhibitions, communication with the dog, the training. There is much energy to apply, and then the whole apartment will destroy

Answer No. 9:

If in the future going to doTribal breeding, yes. Just keep in mind that the dog will work on wear ...: (and a very high probability that it will die before ... It's just that you will be pressured all the time with puppies ... For "health" it will be enough 2 times a year. I have an exhibition girl, but I took it for myself! I wrote everything for too long (reasons for the rest), but I sterilized it for all these reasons. But to be honest, if it were not for these reasons, it would have brought it all together yet And left her her daughter ... But ...

Answer No. 10:

No, it is not necessary.
This is your property: you want to - go, do not want to - do not go. The same applies to knitting: you can go to the exhibition, and the dog can not knit.
Exhibitions are needed in order to getExhibition evaluations and admission to breeding. If you want to breed your pedigree dog and get puppies with documents from her, then yes, we need exhibitions and registered viscous.
If you just a pet "on the sofa" is needed, then no one will force you to the exhibition.
Moreover, the metric (pedigree) is also in dogs of the pet class (for breeding and exhibitions not suitable). The dog is also with documents, but is cheaper.
A breeder may not really want to sell a puppy with a show perspective on a sofa. And then, either sell for the full cost, or refuse.
The only point is the purchase of dogs for co-ownership under the contract. You can read on the Internet. That's better not to get into it.

Answer No. 11:

If you take a puppy show class, and in the condominium - thenYes, it will be spelled out in the contract. But it is unlikely that the breeder will sell or give to the co-ownership of a promising puppy of the show class to a person who is not interested in exhibitions and matings, who needs a dog "on the sofa." Such puppies are sold, as a rule, already podrochennymi, with replaced teeth, set ears, and for a lot of money, several times (sometimes in tens) more expensive than others. The rest can also grow a chic show, often it is. Walk or not - your choice, if you think your dog can give something to the breed, then yes, and walk, and knit.

Answer No. 12:

No, whatever you want, go and do not want to go

Answer # 13:

If you did not take the puppy on certain conditions, forWhose attendance is obligatory and / or if you are not going to let him go to the breeding grounds, or not to go to exhibitions-your personal business.

Answer # 14:

No. But without EVALUATION at the exhibition you can not officially tie a dog.

Answer No. 15:

If the breeder sells you without conditions and you do not plan to breed, then no. This is for you a guarantee that the dog is not knitted with blood relatives that excludes many diseases

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