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How to fill in the blanks? Dog training

Answer # 1:

You have a normal dog, only a freestyle. On the leash, sharply twitch when trying to "hit" a passerby. Take the twig and on the butt slightly, but noticeable. Do not you talk with him talking to him?

Answer # 2:

Now it will be okay, the dog has grown ..

Answer # 3:

Council to give the draysirovshiku, but already posno but do not lose hope.

Answer # 4:

But he does not know the lead?
Do not let go of him in crowded places!
He may be killed, for bites!

Answer # 5:

To correct behavior

Answer No. 6:

With a trainer to deal with, and urgently, until someone bites, and you are not held accountable for this. 1,5 years is still a puppy, and can be trained! But in general is it you male?

Answer No. 7:

Everything will turn out if you deal with it. Still quite young. See Caesar the translator from the dog and read lis burbo.

Answer No. 8:

Walk in a muzzle and leash. When you try to rush at someone, you twitch the dog and clearly say the command "FU!" Well, with the cynologist, it would be nice to work.

Answer No. 9:

To deal with the dog and urgently, because you already have a set of problems
It's never too late to fix it, but the later you start, the harder it will be and the longer it takes to work
Ideally you would go to the dress. Playground and work out in a group ...

Answer No. 10:

Lead to the cynologist. He will teach you how to use a leash and parfos for 1 lesson. Please note that only the cynologist correctly explains.

Answer No. 11:

What sympathy)
We, too, when we took the dog from the village, she herselfNot always properly led, had to seriously deal with her upbringing. To us, by the way, free webinars have helped a lot, here, maybe you need also http://foxispet.ru/webinary/free/posloshanianaprogulke/?utm_medium=vir&utm_source=forum&utm_campaign=posloshanianaprogulke&utm_content=freewebinar&utm_term=advg

Answer No. 12:

Here's a video, very useful and understandable for training dogs
So my sister trained on this video. Now the dog understands several teams ... I think you can do it with your dog)

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