/ What is better to buy a regular leash or roulette? The dog at me a golden retriever, will grow large.

What is better to buy a conventional leash or roulette? The dog at me a golden retriever, will grow large.

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On a leash the dog is more manageable - it is moreHard, better felt through the collar. Dog better perceives soft driving movements. So first. Think. Better leash. And when the dog gets used to obey - you can go to roulette. In addition, and for the host roulette requires some skill, the leash is more intuitive.
Of course, free-roaming is wonderful, butNot everywhere it is possible. Even if you have the opportunity to let the dog run in the park, there is still the need to lead it on a leash - along the street: to visit, to the vet, to the station .. In these cases, it is more convenient for me to use roulette. Although I have a medium dog. Can with a big all in another way

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Reply: hello

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Answer # 4:

While it is better to drive on a leash ...

And a year, you can accustom to the roulette.

Answer # 5:

With a leash is easier, but sometimes it interferes. On roulette it is necessary to be able to drive a dog. And in general, accustom to free-range

Answer No. 6:

The leash is more convenient ...

Answer No. 7:

As for me, it's better to have a normal leash (3-5 meters) + the opportunity for a dog to walk freely. In the learning process, you can let the dog run, without unfastening the leash.

Roulette for large dogs is quite weighty andFor use dog there is no. From my experience: I have a calm adult dog of medium size; Under the influence of general excitement, she acquired a leash-roulette, before that the dog walked on a regular leash and ran freely. As a result, I realized that my dog ​​is uncomfortable walking on the roulette, as it is not peculiar to pull. A comfortable walk did not work, because every time the leash stretched a little the dog came back, believing that I was pulling it to myself. And then, if you use roulette, then together with the harness, for even distribution of the load.

Answer No. 8:

Leash for your baby will be more convenient.

Answer No. 9:

And leash, and roulette ... It is more convenient for me to walk with a tape measure in a dark time, when I do not want to leave the leash, but I'm too lazy to run around all the bushes. And with a leash it is more convenient to walk next to it, it is convenient to wind on the hand and it is easier to adjust the tempo of the dog and keep closer to the foot, the dog is more manageable.

Answer No. 10:

This is who, what. Leashes are not comfortable for me at all, just roulette. Better then, on what you find it more convenient to walk.

Answer No. 11:

I prefer leashes

Answer No. 12:

Better simple leash-roulette usuallyShort-lived. Under the pressure of a large dog, the mechanism breaks easily. I saw how the hapless young mistress ran after the dog, trying to catch it. Roulettes break, and yet they are not convenient. Which is easier: to hold in your hand some kind of heavy thing, or a leather light flagellum? Moreover, if you plan to participate in exhibitions, then you will not be comfortable: at exhibitions special leashes are used, which remind leashes. If you get used to roulettes, then, naturally, you will not be comfortable with leashes, rings. Think about it.

Answer # 13:

I have everything . A canvas leash for walking outside the city or hiking.

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