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Complaints of neighbors on barking dogs

Answer # 1:

Just send them as it happens in the daytime, you live in your apartment and the dog does not stop you from going to distant countries

Answer # 2:

It's nothing to worry about during the day. If at night is another matter!

Answer # 3:

Ugly and wrong it is, at the very same neighbors, with an ever-barking dog. Of course, you can get used to everything, but why should you get used to it?

Answer # 4:

You and you and the neighbors can understand! BUT, if it is real only in the afternoon, then let the neighbor suffer, or take coordinated measures (change of housing), if it does not suit him! I also have a neighbor with a perforator for five years, that nobody can understand, but there's nothing to be done if you live in an apartment!

Answer # 5:

Well, close it when you leave, in your room.

Answer No. 6:

Nothing wrong!!! Creep on them, and all!

Answer No. 7:

It is not good to force your neighbors to suffer. You can very easily get rid of dog barking. Place ultrasonic radiator "Antibark". When the dog starts to bark, it turns on ultrasound and the dog stops. Gradually the dog will completely stop barking at home.

As an option, this one.




Answer No. 8:

Well, as if pulling the dog, it's one thing to knock at the door. Another thing barks when it suits him

Answer No. 9:

If it does not bark in the hours of "silence" at night, then it's okay.

Answer No. 10:

To the literate cynologist, do not torment yourself or your neighbors

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