/ / The dog is treated from ticks Frontline it can still bite the tick

The dog is treated from ticks Frontline it can still bite the tick

Answer # 1:

Probably muddled, but I'll try to explain the essence.
...Many owners of dogs, having processed their favorites with drops on the frontline, Advantix, etc., believe that the mites should NOT sit on the dog! And taking off from the processed dog a reptile, consider that the PREPARATION DOES NOT WORK. And they start to search for other means of protection in a panic.
This is fundamentally wrong! All the subtlety of the Front Line defense and others is that the poisonous substance for the mites (fipronil) accumulates in the SODIC FATTY CELL of dogs.

And here is how the tick behaves on the victim. This mechanism is very important and in it the ESSENCE of protection by drops.

This bastard first bites the victim (piercesProboscis). And then, in order to consolidate more firmly, it releases some tentacles of the type of bumps. Then he starts saliva, which, solidifying, firmly fixes the reptile on the victim's skin. For all these actions, he needs about 10 minutes. IMPORTANT: at this time he does NOT infect the victim, since there is still no contact with the blood. And he already has time to poison himself! !! If the dog is treated, the tick falls off from it. Therefore, you can see sluggish, barely crawling beasts on the skin of an animal. And further, if the victim is not treated, this bastard, carefully fixed, begins to drink blood and, accordingly, throws in it pyroplasm (if the tick is infected).

Removing a tick from a treated dog is possible! This does not mean that the drug is not working.

Answer # 2:

No remedy provides 100% guarantee against ticks. Still need to check the dog for mites after each walk. After treatment, the mites jumping on dogs, but this does not mean that the mite will want to drink the dog's blood. The pet can bring the mite home and if not check the dog, then this tick can bite someone from the household.

Answer # 3:

Maybe. Site about dogs [link is blocked by the decision of the administration of the project] .pp.ua / main / lechenie-sobak / after domik-druga remove the space

Answer # 4:

Naturally can. Only he will perish if he sucks.

Answer # 5:

Can. 100% do not protect any means. Last year, they removed live mites from a dog treated with Front Line. So do not be lazy and look around the dog after walking.

Answer No. 6:

Can-for modern means of protection very often counterfeit and ticks adapt already

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