/ Puppies of the husky. EDUCATION

Puppies Husky. EDUCATION

Answer # 1:

Training and education of the puppy Husky (4-6 months) on http://doghusky.ru/ article / training -and- education -school -hasks4.html

Answer # 2:

Read the article!

Answer # 3:

For this purpose, there are special group sessions on the OKD, find the nearest dog center.

Answer # 4:

It is necessary to train, only important commands, if you are a beginner.
The dog can not eat, on command.
Why did she have such commands as lying, give a paw, for example? ..
Important commands, in my opinion: To me, next, spit, place.
What kind of "green cells"?
This is called a dog's playground. For this, it was created.

Answer # 5:

To explain how to teach a dog these commands, you need to see the pupil, his dog and spend several hours.

Answer No. 6:

For this, there are instructors-dog experts -Experts, in general ... teach the hosts to teach and educate their dogs. I highly recommend, especially with a husky - a dog known for its cunning mind and freedom-loving.

Answer No. 7:

Hmm ... it's good that you still have a small puppy. They are more amenable to training than the already older pet ...
More details are provided in the video
Here you will not only learn how to do it all, but you will see ...

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