/ / Who is better - cats or dogs? Which one is better?

Who is better - cats or dogs? Which one is better?

Answer # 1:

Dogs) and cats they are all our friends)

Answer # 2:

Cats, or even better cats)

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Answer # 5:

In the first place of the cat on the second dog

Answer No. 6:

With cats, cats, kittens, in my opinion, it's easier.

Answer No. 7:

Dogs will always be better! They are the best, life is given for the owner, and the cats protect their skin and spit on them everything, if only the food was. ONLY DOGS!

Answer No. 8:


Answer No. 9:

I love both cats and dogs, but there are more dogs.

Answer No. 10:

Dogs they will never give you anything different from cats

Answer No. 11:

The film "The Dog's Heart" will review, I'll think ...

Answer No. 12:

Everyone decides this. Dogs do not like cats for their independence, and cat-lovers do not like dogs for her absence.
I myself say this: The more I recognize people, the less I respect dogs, because the dog is ready to forgive the owner any meanness.

Answer # 13:

Since there are both cats and dogs available, and that and that.

Answer # 14:

A cat is an animal that will not be badTied to you, but more to home and cats are with a very bad temper. A dog is an animal that gets attached to you very much and will love you, but you have to walk with a dog, but if there is no laziness, then this will give you pleasure. Personally I have 1 cat and 2 dogs but honestly I have a cat like a dog who loves me until blue. So you choose a domestic dogman or a cat!

Answer No. 15:

I had both cats and dogs. Dog
Schooling animal. For her, you are a member of the pack. If she wags her tail, she licks her hands,
Looks into your eyes, then she recognizes you as the leader. It happens that a dog in the family chooses one
Owner and obeys only him, and to the rest of the family at best

A cat is a loner. It is not
Obeys no one. With her you can only make friends if she thinks that you
Worthy of her friendship. But if a cat loves someone, it's always, it will not change.
Only one single cat loved me more than his cat life. All our cats accompany us on walks not
Worse dogs. A cat who lives with us now loves her granddaughter. Since birth
She took a very active part in her upbringing. Oh, and got
For the wrong upbringing of the child. We all went bitten. After birth
Child, the cat does not allow strangers to enter the site. Cleanses her granddaughter on walks from
Dogs. Now she is 17 years old, her granddaughter is 12 years old. And already the granddaughter takes care of the cat.

Yes, and keep the cat easier. To me
Always feel sorry for the dog owners. Early morning. Rain. Day off. And they
Half asleep on a dirty lawn with his pet. And we with the cat in the warm
The bed is dozing under her purr. Here is the
She is happiness.

So choose yourself.

Answer # 16:

All the cool !: -)

Answer # 17:


Answer # 18:

everything's Alright

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